I went out last night beneath a thick dark sky. Over my roof, over the sea, it was blacker than black - wild black, feral dreaming black. In the other direction, the darkness was more civilised. Street lights and city lights eased it to something less frightening than the sky which fell away so silently from the edge of the world.

I understand why we need the lights. This world we've created is a lot more dangerous than any mythic darkness. And I don't even mind them so much. They make the world seem fake, like a set on a theatre stage, and that reminds me how the world beyond what we can see is the truly real one. The world where the wind lives, the world of which wolves sing.

Some more links for you.

Did I tell you that Nirmala Mayur Patil is posting again?

How to be an unpopular blogger.

Everything's coming up rainbows in Ireland.

When I was seventeen I was living in my own little house, working full-time, buying groceries, paying bills, writing a novel. This seventeen year old was sent home from school because the principal didn't like what she was wearing. (I read this post a week after a young man was forced to leave school, continuing his education at home, because the school would not allow him to wear a beard. And my use here of the term "young man" makes me ponder ... What makes a girl a woman, a boy a man? Is it their body? Or something they have done to earn the title? For me personally, childbearing turned out to be the threshold over which I was finally comfortable calling myself by the noble title Woman. But I know others whom I consider women although they are still teenagers. What about you?)

Melina Marchetta has a new novel coming out soon.

Aine is now dedicating her website to the tarot. If you are interested in this craft, or are an oldtimer always looking for new insights, do visit her.

Have a lovely day and an enchanting night.


  1. interesting to consider lights and the no lights but star, planet moon lights of the wild
    turn off the power and the world is quite different

    thank you for these links and your gift with insight shared in words

    1. it's amazing how much more you can see of the universe without light.

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog!

    This is a very thought provoking post. Yes, I have always noticed that many who were still children, were quite grown up for their age. I suppose that is because we use years to measure maturity level. Later on in life I regularly noticed children who were quite mature for their age. Sometimes I've seen babies who seem to have the soul of an elder.

  3. Interesting thoughts indeed...have a nice week!

  4. This beautiful, Sarah. <3
    Also - I do hope I'm not prying here - were you living apart from your family at 17? I'm 17 now, and will be moving away from home to start school this August, about 4 months before my 18th birthday. Not many people I know have been in this sort of situation, and if you have any tips I would so love to hear them. I know you're very busy, but if you have the time my e-mail is abbyj199713@yahoo.com. xx