Moving Through Writer's Block

When I am deep in writing, I feel a strong energy flowing through my sacral chakra. For years, I didn't understand what this was. But during the creation of Deep in the Far Away, I learned more about the chakras than the basic knowledge I picked up while doing meditation decades ago at my wild, hippy high school. That understanding has validated my experience and given me new tools for helping facilitate creativity within myself.

Now, when I am suffering writer's block (and everyone else is suffering around me because of it too - there's really no more unpleasant creature to live with than a writer who can't write) I have a better awareness of how to shift into a more creative state. Certain yoga poses can open the sacral chakra and balance it. Sandalwood or rose incense also helps. Even just sitting up straight and breathing through the length of the body is effective to induce a physical space within the self for creativity. There is music on You Tube to help balance chakras.

I must say though, when a story wants to be told, there's no need for yoga or music. Something in the story itself opens a channel so it can flow through the writer to the page. Some of us believe in the genius, the muse, the writer's angel, or perhaps even god, who joins with the writer in a sacred relationship to bring energy through creation into form - story form, or poem form, or whatever shape suits that energy, for whatever the world needs at that moment. Yoga and meditation, crystals and smoke, prayer or conversation, may open the writer to such a relationship. Calmly waiting also works, if you have the patience.

I've never been one for having a special space or particular ritual to hold my creative practice. For me, opening energetically works better than placing structure around myself. But everyone is different, which is what makes our shared life so beautiful.


  1. I was just thinking that I need to get back to yoga to help me with my writing. My reason though is because I'm dealing with back pain from sitting at a desk for long periods.

  2. I love this wisdom. It's so easy to forget the essential, beautiful part our bodies play in helping us create yet we cannot do it without them.

  3. You are such an incredible writer, Sarah. And so wise. Such an inspiration to me... someday I hope to write half as well as you. <3

    1. Such kind words, thank you :-) I would like to be an incredible writer ... working towards that goal has been my intentional practice for a very long time.

  4. Such good advice, thankyou. :)

  5. such lovely photos ~
    opening energetically does wonderful things for us
    love to consider what you have shared
    sweet Beltane to you