The Moon of Peace-Dreaming

The sky is like pale chiffon today. Like a dream gone soundless, heartless, adrift. It is hard not to feel restless under such a heaven.

This moon, this month, I call the Moon of Peace-Dreaming. It is the time for easing into winter, and into the smoke-coloured stories of old women who know the importance of shadow and sleep after the long summer. Of course, most of you are in the northern lands, surrounded by sun and flowers. And most of you are happy about it. But I welcome back the wild winds, and blankets, and tales inked onto bones.

Different cultures have different names for the moon cycles, and some of them are wonderfully evocative. But they've never resonated with me. I prefer a homemade name which speaks to my personal, local experience of the seasons.

I've been reading Rising Ground by Philip Marsden and he is concerned with the idea of place (as opposed to space). He explores his local topography and history throughout the book. I myself love certain places, and get nurturance from being within them. But I've been thinking about how modern people seldom locate themselves within weather - seasons - the sky. We consider ourselves children of the earth, but I've never heard anyone describe us as children of the atmosphere. The common idea seems to be that wind, rain, sunshine, are something done to us, rather than a dwelling space for our bodies and souls. And yet how many of us feel exiled, or homeless, when the seasonal weather is uncomfortable for us physically or emotionally?

To me, the moonlight over my neighbourhood encompasses me, touches me, just as significantly as does the earth on which I stand here. I walk amongst the sky, I breathe the wind. The whole world is my house.

Anyway, this is just a thought that wandered through my mind this quiet white afternoon. I'd love to read your thoughts too on the subject - and what names you might have for the moons.

{Today's photos were processed with Kim Klassen textures.}


  1. I entered my comment and it disappeared? or are you screening them?

    1. I'm so sorry that happened. Not screening - just blogger likes to eat words sometimes. :-(

  2. Trying again... possible moon names for east coast Australia...
    Jan - fire moon
    Feb - empty moon
    March – rain moon/ hare moon
    April – iron moon /blood moon
    May - leaf moon
    June – sky moon
    July – ice moon frost moon
    August – wattle moon
    September – birth moon , breath moon
    Oct – jacaranda moon
    Nov – bright moon
    Dec - star moon

    1. Oh my, I love these! So beautiful and insightful. Thank you! <3

  3. oh dear...blogger just ate mine too...second time in 2 days.

    btw - I love the moon names above by myartemismoon!

    Will try again...
    That's such a beautiful name - the Moon of Peace-Dreaming. And so utterly perfect for this time. I find it immensely comforting somehow to read your words as I sink into this season alongside you.

    Many of the blogs I adore are from the Northern Hem, and I do so enjoy reading their experience of the seasons. But it feels very grounding to read about, to focus my attention upon, and to be immersed in the subtleties of my own season.

    I don't have names for the moons, (although you've inspired me!), but I follow the nuances - the small changes and shifts. In the garden, blossom and decay, the movement of light around me, the length of shadows through trees. And yes - the atmosphere.

    There is such an intimacy and beauty in this elemental home.

    This is one of the most exquisite things I've read in ages:
    "...the moonlight over my neighbourhood encompasses me, touches me, just as significantly as does the earth on which I stand here. I walk amongst the sky, I breathe the wind. The whole world is my house".

    1. What a very nice thing of you to say, thank you. I'm sorry blogger ate your comment, and thank you for writing it all out again. That was really kind of you.

      There is intimacy in this home, isn't there? Most people dont seem to feel it, which is a shame. There's such a beautiful, fulfilling, sensual and interesting relationship to be had. Thank you for putting words to it.

  4. Such a beautiful post, thank you. This Northern Hem woman is experiencing flowers yes...but also rain, gales and more mud than any person should have to bear! Not that I'm bitter. I'm going to write a post about the seasonal mayhem going on and how I've been affected by it because seriously...I've no idea what's going on inwardly or outwardly. However, your words on atmosphere, weather and season also prod me to finally write about an experience I had not so long ago that proved to me the power of the invisible and intangible. All from walking into a fallen cloud.
    I love your moon name. Personal names carry such intimacy and knowing. x

  5. Interesting - food for thought.

  6. Your dreamy imagery is beautiful. I do feel that some of the moon names don't always reflect the Southern Hemisphere experience, so I really love your idea of a homemade moon name. Moon of Peace-Dreaming is intimate and sacred somehow.

  7. My bed is underneath a large window in my room with no headboard, only the window to rest my pillows on. For almost four hours a night the moon shines in, lay there with my eyes closed and feel the brightness move across my face. It soaks into me and sends me off to sleep. I adore the moon, it's very comforting to me.
    I am more a spirit of the sky and the air than the ground. I crave the movement of the leaves and branches, the air on my face, the moon across the sky, the highs and lows of the sun. To me, It's very powerful to stand and let the wind go right through you. It is, as you wrote, a dwelling place for our souls.
    Sarah, again you have written so beautifully.

  8. Elizabeth WaggonerMay 6, 2015 at 3:00 AM

    I don't really have names for the moon - but I know what you mean about the atmosphere around us. I think it affects people much more than they know or understand. Where I live now (the middle USA) it is moving into early summer. The heat and humidity are inching in and soon we will be living in a stream bath. Almost everyone I know loves the heat. Not me. I feel pressed down and almost crushed by it. You speak of place - and mid-summer in the middle is not a place that brings me any rest at all. Point me north. Take me to the cool crisp air of the high mountains where you can drift with the clouds and birds and know that the smallest prayer can rise to the heavens.

  9. I am an ex-meteorologist and the whole planet with its oceans and atmosphere is my space. However, my heart belongs with the So. California surf along the coastal areas.

  10. That's such a wonderful idea - and a beautiful name that you've chosen for this moon. Localism features quite strongly in several aspects of my spirituality but I'd not thought of this before. However, I will be giving it some consideration now!