a midwinter walk

We went to the edge of the world tonight. And along the way we saw someone vacuum-cleaning the pavement. And nowhere near as many stars as there used to be. And three cyclists speeding along so intently, it looked as if cycling was their form of prayer.

Stars limned pine trees. And the sea, so black, was limned with white. I looked behind me, at all the lights of the township, and then ahead of me to the silent darkness of the sea. For years, I lived in that darkness, and whenever I stand at its edge with bright gold electric lights behind me, I wonder at the sadness, and strangeness, of living in this noisy, overbuilt place. I remember all over again how magical it was to sleep amongst wild stones and sea-washed forest roots. And I wish the whole world had that.

On the way home, a ghost walked with us awhite, footsteps shuffing, shadow lying amongst ours.


  1. Less stars... Yes... More electric lights.... Less stars... -sigh-

    And magical words.... Again...

    Thank you...

  2. 'Vaccuuming the pavement'? That made me smile, people do odd things don't they?
    I know that feeling of looking out to the dark sea and yearning for a more natural way of being.
    Jess x

  3. ahhh, walking in the dark. this is beautiful.

  4. Did you glimpse the auroras? I walked across dew frosting grass in the moon absent midnight to see them, and thought of you under the same sky to the eastern horizon, maybe also straining owl eyes southwards :-)

    1. actually, what I left out of this post was my enchantment at how the sky seemed to hold a memory of the sun - a band of gentle light out there in the deep darkness.

      you really thought of me? how lovely :-) I often think of certain e-friends when I'm in various places, wishing they were there with me. Just before I was saying to someone how grateful I am for the internet, that it has allowed me to meet kindred spirits whom I otherwise would never have encountered, and been inspired by, in life.

    2. Oh! That was my experience of seeing them exactly! We are so far north it was only a faint glimmer, an ever so gently moving whisp of soft green and reds on the horizon, and yet the feeling of the sky indeed held the memory of sun in the deep crisp darkness.
      I thought of you the moment my feet felt the soft slight wet icy yielding of the grass in the darkness, and wished and wondered ...