the shape of a human

There are days when the air around me holds me up and gives me shape - not just human shape, but the shape of a person who uses her hands to make words, and her right arm to reach things, and who needs warm fingers against her jaw sometimes. My very own unique shape which maybe exists with its own inborn edges, or maybe is made for me, and remade over time, by the breath of Love.

I watched an opinion piece today on what makes us human. It was a poignant celebration of empathy and care for each other - and I came away annoyed. Leaving aside the arguments about man's conscious cruelty as a possible defining feature of our humanness, I personally think the question itself is divisive and unhelpful.

In my own opinion, what makes us human is that we have human bodies, human culture. Other than that, we are the same as trees and cats and blue-winged moths. (Which also have empathy and care for each other, by the way.) All of us souls who are gifted with, burdened with, given the responsibility of, bodies.

Don't ask me if I am human or not. Ask me what I will do for the world with my body. And how I will dance in the hands of the Love who holds it in shape. And what words I will breathe to give love shape.


  1. A differing view... From the usual "What makes us human?" question.

    And all differing views, when given kindly, as yours is, are a possibilities to learn... Reasons to consider and think more... Opportunities to grow....

    Thank you,

  2. OT but... I notice that I leave a lot of Thank You comments, in Blog Land. :-) And I hope this doesn't make me appear rather ...... Overly mushy.... Or trying to make points... Or something...

    I really like to say thank you, when a blogger "gives" me something. Be it a reading suggestion... Or a new thought, for consideration... Or jogs a lovely memory, in me.. Etc.

    Don't think we say thank you, enough. Anywhere in life. All of us, like to hear appreciation.

    Yes, I know. Even thanking can be over-done. And I hope my thanking, doesn't tip into that category.

    This is reminiscent of another blogging happening. I tend to make daily comments, in the blogs I enjoy. Was shocked to learn, that some bloggers consider daily comments by a person, to be 'stalking.' What??? I nearly lost my cookies! Have all those bloggers, considered me a 'stalker', all the time I have been leaving daily comments in their blogs????? Eeeeek...

    So, I blogged about it. And the responses said no. Not to worry.

    This issue of my leaving lots of 'thank you's' in blog land, sort of comes under that same worry-category. -grin- Oh I know. I over think things, at times. -chuckle-

    Hmmm, I certainly hi-jacked your comments here, my Dear!

    I *should* say thank you, shouldn't I? ,-)))))


    1. I've had the same fear abot commenting too much. I don't comment often on some blogs I read because it feels uncomfortable doing so. But mostly I comment almost every time I read a post, if I have time, because I know how much I myself appreciate comments - even (or especially) a quick "thank you" for the words I have offered.

      Having said that, the comments discussion is one which has been happening for years across blogland, and people (including me) have shared many valid reasons for not commenting - time, energy, lack of thoughts, too many thoughts to easily express, being in a reading state of mind rather than a writing one, feeling shy, worrying about over-commenting, etc. I've never yet heard a blogger say they get too many comments, or that they feel a polite friendly commenter is stalking them. Wow!

      I really love getting your comments, Tessa. I appreciate the thanks and also the honest thoughts you share. Thank you :-)

  3. Hi, Sarah, you are an obvious naturally gifted writer. While I may see some things differently in terms of spirit perhaps, I love your style here and you make some very good points. That first sentence alone on human shape is pure brilliance. So glad I found you via Lissa's write up. Also, adored your Pinterest account--so dream--that I have singed up to start following you.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. Sarah, I just read your bottom sample (I shall go down to a beach in my mind) and couldn;t read it w/o tears forming from such radiant beauty. My wife, upon hearing your words, stopped and simply said, "Wow. wow." Lovely, lilting prose.

    Also, I wanted to say, just how much I love your blog name and the reasons behind it. Moving and very clever too, I might add. Thank you.