an ordinary moment without magic

I bought myself a passionfruit ice cream and went walking beneath the trees. Because the world is a difficult place and I tend to bruise easily, so every now and again it is wisdom to get the ice cream, go for the walk.

I thought it would be a magical little moment. But the thing about making such moments is that you really can't. Magic isn't something we weave together like string between our fingers. I don't exactly know what it is ... perhaps a living, loving thing that dwells in one layer of our lives? And sometimes it seeps through to this moment, or that moment, and we feel its gentle sigh against our hearts.

Or perhaps its the blush of life.

I want to have a relationship with magic, which is why I don't do witchery. It's the same as with writing - I believe creativity is something which meets us in conversation, rather than our manipulation of an inner resource or impersonal force of energy. So "magic" for me is about welcoming in the loving dweller, or life's blush, or the smile of Mother Heaven - about seeing it, and feeling it, and knowing how to find space for it in my heart and life.

And knowing when I can't.

My ice cream was magic because passionfruit. But my walk was, to be honest, boring and a little uncomfortable. No flowers anywhere, for a start. The truth was, though, I didn't need magic. I just needed to do something caring for myself. That's where the goodness lay in that moment. Not everything has to be profound.


  1. I agree - you have to be receptive to feel the magic of a walk or nature - being observant isn't enough. Taking the right mood out of the house and into the open is important otherwise it is just grass and trees, the earth and sky - but if the magic is with you it turns into a whole other thing.

  2. Exactly what I've been doing lately, (except in the meadow, with a bit of chocolate.) So very good for the soul.

  3. We so rarely make things happen. I think they happen to us or for us. I agree that being in a lovely place, whether physically or spiritually allows these things to happen without conscious effort. Maybe magic is simply the quiet reunion of energies.

  4. All these words, are beautiful. But I am especially struck by; "Not everything has to be profound." One of those phrases, which could pertain to most everything in our life.

    To me, profound calls to mind 'great' - 'outstanding'... Which are lovely wishes, for now and then. But hardly constantly sustainable. So, what do we do with the in-between moments and words and visions? Discard them, as not being 'great-enough'? Hope not.

    There will be lots more ordinary 'things' in our life. Let's not appreciate them less, because they don't measure up to being profound.

    I ramble a bit here! :-) Well, I guess that's better (as a comment) than my frequent -happy sigh- only.


  5. So true. We can't force some things.

  6. It is so strange that you should write about this now, as it is something I have just been thinking about. When asked about her work, Moscow based photographer Katerina Plotnikova said, "Nothing can be predicted in advance, otherwise the result will not be sincere." Perhaps the very essence of magic is unpredictability. When we try to control it, manipulate it (even when well-intentioned), magic is then perverted and either disintegrates or becomes something sinister.

    Passionfruit icecream sounds very nice!

  7. Loved reading you. I always find magic/miracles - when I actually stop looking for them or trying to make something happen - Serendipity just seems to drop from the trees sometimes on my walk around the lake - coincidences, synchronistic events are so much fun to experience but the true fulfillment always for me, involves being out in nature and walking with awareness so even the smallest whatever ...whatever it is that is "being" in front of my eyes becomes magical.

    I really like your writing and so glad Tessa sent me here.

  8. this image is lovely
    often magic imbues the mundane

  9. I completely understand this, Sarah. It's impossible to create magical moments, and often times we don't realize how special something truly was until it's long gone. xx