It's morning as I write this, and I have never liked morning. There's an ache about it, I don't know why, perhaps the sky finds it hard opening to the light. Perhaps the earth misses the stars. I do like the way my lawn sparkles with rainbow-laden dew drops, and I like the busy songs of small birds. But otherwise give me evening and full-blown night. If y'all didn't like "Knitting the Wind" so much, I'd probably change this weblog to Moonspun.

I was thinking today, beneath my quilts, with my second cup of morning tea, about the things which annoy me. So I decided to write a post about things I enjoy.

Favourite photographer. I have many whom I appreciate, but Kelly Sauer remains a constant source of inspiration.

Favourite virtue. I love them all of course. And you know kindness has a special place in my heart, because I believe it is love with its everyday clothes on. But patience would have to be my absolute favourite. To me, it is about making space for the other person. And that is such a lovely thing to do. My middle name is Patience and often I wish I could use it as my daily name.

Favourite post. I recently had a blog post reprinted in a magazine and although I was honoured I was also embarassed as I felt it was badly written and I never would have given permission for its publication had I known. I consider my best post to be this one, although it is not my most popular one.

Favourite poem. When You Are Old and Grey, by WB Yeats. It was the first poem I really heard. I've since come to love Robert Frost's works better than Yeats' - but this will always be my favourite poem.

Favourite ambleside. Suburban gardens lush with flowers and big soft trees, presided over beningly by old houses.

Favourite song. This changes often, but right now it is Take Me to Church by Hozier.

Favourite fairy tale. To be honest, what I like best is to imagine the stories that surround fairy tales, or that could be told instead of the traditional plots. In this way, Rose Red and Snow White is my favourite. One day I hope to tell my own dream of that tale. Cinderella is another favourite for the same reason.

What are some of your favourite things?


  1. i'll get back to you. :) i love your things and i love the word ambleside.

  2. Morning is my favourite time of day! That's a lovely image.

  3. I enjoyed reading your choices. Shall I tell you mine - favourite film: Bright Star (all about Keats love affair with Fanny Browne) - favourite poet: traditional, Keats - contemporary, Frank Carver (particularly his poem Beloved) - favourite fairy tale: Rapunzel. I often wonder why they are called fairy tales when there are no fairies in them - do you know?) Patience is not my virtue - I must practice it more - I think mine must be tolerance which perhaps is almost the same thing. Interesting post Sarah and I loved reading your own favourite post.

  4. Patience is a virtue I sorely need to develop more of. How wonderful to have it for a name... it would be like a continual nudge to remember to be patient :)

    Your post about describing woman is also one of my favourites. It has such a quiet mystical poeticism. x

    1. I am only nudged when tedious people in the bank or at phone call centres ask me if I am patient. ;-)

  5. and I would love for it to be early morning all day long. I don't like the dark and can't wait to fall asleep to escape it. Robert Frost is also a definite favorite of mine too. I wrote many papers on him in college. I feel like he never had to try to write a poem...his words are too natural for that.

    So something dawned on me when I visited Kelly's site....she has a quote posted that says, "live the story you want to tell." This space here IS YOUR STORY, you can change the name of it anytime. I think Moonspun would be a lovely name for who you are right now.

    (I do wish I had thought of the name Knitting the Wind for my own blog :)

    Have a wonderful weekend Sarah. ♥

  6. Thinking of annoying things... And choosing to write of things you enjoy...

    Simply another part of your wisdom.


  7. Oh, I love this! Here are my favorites:

    Photographer: Joy Prouty; Wildflowers Photography
    Virtue: Compassion
    Poem: Emily Dickinson's 'Nobody'
    Song: One Night Town; Ingrid Michaelson
    Fairy Tale: Snow White


    1. I love Wildflowers Photography too. :-)