drenched in tidal poetry

The sea has been singing at my window all day. So I've kept busy writing it down. As you know, I don't like the ocean - but that doesn't stop it from trying to fill my soul with its wild poems.

Because of all the writing, I've run out of time to compose a blog post. So it will be links from me today, I'm afraid. I hope they bring you some value.

Thoughts on living soulfully. As always, the comments section enriches the post further. What a wonderful community has gathered here.

I did much sighing over my tea when I read this is my morning paper recently : Enid Blyton's cottage is for sale.

On the peaceful parenting of teenagers.

This wins all the internet cute for all the time. And the conversation attached is also fun. What caption would you write?

This birth photo shoot.

The old, low note of the fairytale.

Beautiful floral photography by Ashley Woodson Bailey. These look to me like images of what some flowers must dream themselves to be.

This explains a wonderful technique for painting realistic flowers.

My fellow homeschoolers might appreciate this Hey Girl poster.

Why we sleep together. In my reading of English history, I was fascinated to learn that almost everyone slept together, including kings and servants. Privacy was nothing like we have now.

The delicate photography of Mirjam Appelhof.

Best wishes for your day.


  1. -smile- I love how the ocean, continues to woo you. It is not defeated, by your saying, that you do not like it. I hope it wins you over, some day.

    I would love greatly, to live where an ocean could be a background song, to my life. But since I don't, I have to use ocean waves dvd's. Not the same!!!!

    And more links to more beautiful net places... So many beautiful net places... So little time, it seems.

    Gentle hugs,

  2. Wonderful links, Sarah. A couple things... have you discovered Whim Magazine yet? (http://www.whimmagazine.com/). If not, you must give it a look! Speaking of royals, have you seen the television show Reign? It's highly fictionalized and romanticized, but I absolutely love it. I just began watching it a couple days ago, and find the plot, which involves Mary Queen of Scots and Prince Francis II of France, so entertaining.
    Those floral photographs are so stunning. I love them!
    I also enjoyed that post about parenting teenagers... I am a teenager, of course, so I my opinions may be a little skewed ;)... but I absolutely hate this: "I'm your parent, not your friend. I will stalk you, flip out on you, lecture you, drive you insane, be your worst nightmare, and hunt you down when needed - because I love you."
    I understand that it is my parent's job to take care of me, but at the same time I feel that I deserve a bit of independence, and room to make mistakes. And if they must intervene, which I understand is sometimes necessary, I want them to listen to me, to respect me as I respect them, to accept me, and to acknowledge my boundaries and not cross them. Maybe I'm totally wrong, but I think I'm looking at this from a fairly objective point of view. Anyways, just my silly opinions. :) xx

    1. Abby, what you wrote here ... I can't tell you enough how perfect it is, and what perfect timing you had with it. Thank you for your wisdom. Alot of people don't believe a 17 yo can be wise, but I feel very differently.

      I did watch Reign for a season and a half, but I find the true story of Queen Mary much more interesting. And I'm usually asleep by the time it comes on to tv here, lol. However, it is a very pretty and fun show. :-) And thank you for the link to Whim, I'm going to enjoy looking through that.