the dove-coloured light

Have you ever dwelt within a possibility, and felt the perfect weather there? For me, it's always warm and gentle, like an early spring day. I know some people who spike their possibilities with every kind of calamity, and end up surrendering to the pain and worry they've inflicted upon themselves. Not every possibility will result in success - but I've never understood denying yourself the dream of it.

I woke to the sound of rain today, but the rest of the morning was quiet, pale. I drifted around in a lovely dream lit like dove wings : white, pearl-grey, sigh-coloured. It was nice to go serenely, not thinking too much. I found that, because I was believing in my dream, I started to believe in myself and my ability to some day, one day, make possibilities real.

I wonder if that is where some people go wrong. They feel they must believe in themselves, their own power, before they can have faith in wild dreams. But I say, let's do it the other way. Let's hold up a dream of love, and love our way there. Because you can make just about any kind of love come true if you are patient and mindful and bloody determined.


  1. This is so beautiful, Sarah. It actually reminded me of Anne of Green Gables a little bit. <3

  2. A lovely dream lit like dove wings, sigh coloured - a beautiful description Sarah. We must all have faith in wild dreams becomes dreams do come true.