the stirring heart of early spring

In the month of August,

I am an opening window with stirring curtains, welcoming in the cool, quiet breath of the aroused season.

I am just around the next bend of the road.

I am piratical with my smiles, and with the secrets of my heart.

I am hopeful, flowerful, half-mad with fresh love.

I am growing out of gothic cold and shadows; my spirit shapes itself, with light and colour, into laughter.

I am dreaming; I am believing.

I am a child in a dance, and a woman embraced by wild and faithful beauty, and a crone who knows she is the fulfillment of herself, oak-strong, steady, understanding.

This post was inspired by reading Aisling's August poem at her weblog The Quiet Country House. What are you in August? Here in the southern hemisphere, August is a month where winter and spring intertwine, and the days grow slowly longer, and the cold shrivels to the edges of the days, the middle of the night. Unwalked roads sing out, drawing us from home. I send my daughter to gather a little blossom and she comes home with a bag full of wildflowers. Soon Love will stir with greater fervour, and the wildest winds of the year will sweep through. But just now it is a tantalising promise of warmth and adventure. It is, has always been, my favourite month.

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  1. lovely poetic offering
    thank you

    today i feel
    concern for our parched earth
    our forests bathing in flames
    a world so smoky that our mountains are hidden
    how are the animals and plants breathing
    for we are in the depth toward end of summer
    a summer with not enough rain
    lightning has struck so many fires
    i feel concern

    1. I understand and empathise. ((hugs))

  2. How interesting for me to read that August is your favorite has been always my least favorite of the entire calendar round. But then I live on the east coast of the U.S., and August here is rather dreadful. Hot, humid, all the blue washed out of the sky and the green folk struggling against the heat. The fag end of summer, with the juice sucked out. And to top off, it is back to school time.

    So it is a welcome distraction to read of your Southern Hemisphere spring...while I am longing for autumn---my favorite season---I enjoy hearing about the other side of the world turning toward blossom and warmth.

    1. Well, the end of summer here, around March/April, is the same for me. I feel skinless and shrivelled right down inside. We only get a couple of weeks of autumn now, it's very sad.

  3. That is a stunningly beautiful poem! Just love it. Will have to come back and read it again. Thank you for joining in my celebration of August!

    1. Thank you :-) I must say, it isn't a poem, just some different sentences listed together :-) I am always happy to celebrate August.

    2. If not a poem, then very poetic prose! :). By the way, you have a very lovely blog!

  4. I love what you are in August - and the picture is wonderful.

  5. Beautiful. August in the Southern Hemisphere sounds utterly wonderful... ah, up here, not so much. :)

  6. Thank you for another (I'm sure) delightful link...

    Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, we are in a delightful time, also. Summer is winding down, but still with us, in fruitful abandon. But change is happening... In the look... In the leaves turning colors, here and there... In the changing light...

    It's a time to loll about, drinking it all in, soaking in the last of Summer's beauty... Easing into the beautiful season of Autumn.

    A happy time. A bursting with ripeness time. A time to savour.

    Gentle hugs,

  7. Such a lyrical and poetical post, my friend. Your words are always so beautiful and they wrap around me like a delightful embrace :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration - have a sweet weekend!