two writers meet on the road

Walking home today from the supermarket, reading a book as I went, I was stopped by a gentleman who wanted to tell me how wonderful it was to see such a lover of reading. Oh yes, I told him, I do love books! We got to talking; he was a writer - I am too, I answered, smiling happily at having met a kindred spirit. How many books had I written, he wanted to know. I could tell him four (and I thank you, my dear readers, with all my heart for allowing me the privilege of saying I have written four books and knowing they have been read. I wish I could have told the little girl I used to be, looking out dreamily at the night and wishing, that one day she would be able to answer such a question so wonderfully.)

But my favourite part came next. He was, he told me, an unpublished writer. He wrote his auto-biography and a diary - writing "kept in home." Ah, I said, writing is heart-work.; it is not dependent on publishing. I loved so much how he had announced himself a writer, although "all" he wrote was his own story. His adoration of writing gave him a claim to being a writer, and in no way did my four books make him feel smaller (as neither they should have; as traditionally published books should not make me feel small either.)

We talked a little longer about the joys of writing, he warned me not to read too avidly that I did not notice cars, and then we shook hands and went along our ways. And I am a writer : I thought the whole time how I was going to enjoy sharing this little interlude with my readers.

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  1. What a delightful encounter. Not sure I could read and walk and carry groceries all at once!

  2. Oh! To have had that confidence early would have been a blessing. I was just talking with Robert about insecurities yesterday. I'm still having trouble calling myself "artist" and I'm millions of years old! Now I have to go check out your books Sarah. :D

  3. What a lovely chance encounter. I love it when everyday connections happen like that :)

  4. I just noticed the link! I feel honored to be featured in your beautiful space. Thank you :)

  5. What a lovely story about your encounter with a writer, thank you for sharing. And Mr Knightley is one of my favourite Austen characters - better than Darcy any day :)

  6. Sweet to meet an unpublished writer who knows he is one! Most people say, I write but... I, too have that impulse. And I must say Sarah, I assumed (from your graceful words) that you were a graceful lady, and I guess this confirms it because I can't even get my feet on the ottoman while reading w/out falling over, much less walking and reading!!!

    1. Oh dear, I am not graceful at all! Not even a little! Just very practiced at reading and walking after all these years of going through life with a book open in my hands. :-)

  7. I love stories like this. Thank you for sharing, sarah!

  8. Delightful...

    And today, I (again) mention your blog, on mine. :-)


  9. that sounds like a good memory to keep and tell others, I would definitely like to meet people like that, though I could never tell people I'm writer because I'm still uncertain of such titles.

    thank you for sharing this. have a lovely day.

  10. such a soft, beautiful blog....

  11. Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments :-)

  12. I love your interlude of the day, and those links! Ashes struck a real chord. My son has suddenly become engrossed in phoenixes and dreamy fire gazing in this past year, he draws them everywhere and they pop up in his art, stories and creations...