this is why you matter

This is what I believe: not in infinity, but in perfection. I believe that all the universe, in all the time there is, forms a seamless and complete perfection. Maybe you call it the universe or God or Goddess - names don't really matter, since they can never encompass such perfection.

And I believe each of us is a miniscule dot within that perfection. Each of us utterly imperfect, terribly flawed ... and yet without every single tiny, misshapen dot, the whole perfection could not exist.

You may be cracked, crooked, darkened - but you are potentially your perfect self. That potential is held within the form of the universe, and so you are already it, although you don't yet experience it. Forgive your scars and missteps, don't let them hold you back, keep on reaching deeper, or higher, or further. Keep on veering back to what you know is truest about you.

Another thing I believe in is the Trickster. The wild force which breaks apart perfection. Because really, perfection can not be stable, or else it wouldn't contain the beauty of an unfurling flower, a whisper of wind like old poetry through the forest, a slow-growing smile as love is revealed. Trickster unweaves the world, and weaves it new again, so that perfection has a heartbeat, a dance, a glorious melody. And Trickster needs you to make it happen. It's your breath he knots, your flowing blood, your wishes and your untold worries. If you were not there, he'd have a hole in his weaving, and he could not make it go on.

So thank you for your existence.


  1. I feel we're all threads in the pattern, so we're all needed. Thank you for writing this post. I went to bed yesterday unsure if I want to be and reveal everything I am. I wasn't sure if it was right. But then I also feel that all I can be is myself, and also to look deeper, to find out who that person really is.

  2. This post gives the reader a great deal to think about. I am coming closer to feeling free to be my perfectly imperfect self. .. but it is definitely an ongoing process.

  3. More lovely vision...

    And I love the way parts of this linked article seems so perfect for me now, at the Autumn Equinox. When the dark of the year approaches. I find this time cozy and don't dread it, like some do. But even so, it is cold and can be a hardness.

    Thank you...


  4. You have put a slow growing smile on my face! and I believe in those things as well. Very nicely worded.

  5. I can't quite put to mind if your lovely words remind me more of the norns weaving the past future and present together, or of the tailor of Gloucester's "I am worn to an unravelling" I have a delightfully odd image of the two dancing in my head.

  6. How are you doing? I was just thinking of you today and hoping everything is well. I guess you are heading into the spring now. Happy spring! I love the idea of the trickster. More to the point, I'm in love with The Trickster's Hat, which is one of my most favourite books by Nick Bantock, (who I also happen to be in love with...and his wife...and they're my good friends so I can say Every time I hear The Trickster, it transports me to the few/year times I get to paint with Nick and get inspiration from his amazing creativity. Must go read your Trickster link now. Big hugs.

  7. This is beautifully written. It is easy for me to see the natural world, even the entire universe, as a single magnificent organism. Thinking that way, and as you have expressed it, is a good antidote to individualism and self-centeredness. I've never heard of "Trickster" before, but it reminds me of the inherent unpredictability and randomness in the universe, that even science now acknowledges.

  8. And thank you for yours. This is really beautiful.

  9. so beautiful.

    Hi, I found you on Kim Klassens last meme Texture Tuesday. It seem to me she ended it.

    I want to let you know I have a photo art meme and that you are welcome to join if you still creates art. I call it NF DAM as in Digital Art Meme. You can use textures or do anything else if you wish.

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