when you are too busy to write a good blogpost

Life is very involving at the moment, so please forgive my rather uninspired blogposts! I have been trying to think of something lovely I can offer tonight, without much luck. A list of inspiring books for teenaged girls? (Read the classics, ladies.) A list of my most popular posts and what I think it may show about blog readers? (That they are mostly women, and many of them want to write more poetically.) A lyrical description of the weather? (Morning rain, wind sending clouds like brave flags of peace across the sky.)

Or should I discuss what it feels like when there's no time or energy to work on a creative project? (Like the pancake of life has turned to porridge.) Perhaps it would interest you to know my favourite literary character? (Anne Elliott from Persuasion.) Or the literary setting I can most imagine myself in when I read its description? (Apart from Linden Cove, it would have to be Anne Shirley's bedroom in Summerside, in Anne of Windy Willows.)

Then again, I might share my opinion of the refugee crisis (Have you seen what they're running from? How can we call ourselves humanity if we don't help them?) or today's main homeschooling lesson (The Pre-Raphaelites in art and literature, art for art's sake, and the general move in our society from rationalism to emotion - eg, follow your heart, go with your gut - and the difference that has made to our expectations of life.)

Or I could talk about how I know that writing what is basically a nonsense post will bring in low reader stats, and how that makes me feel, even though I shouldn't be concerning myself with it. This could lead to a fascinating discussion of meta issues in blogging, and we'd all be quite engaged, and my stats would leap up.

Unfortunately, all I really can give you this evening is my best wishes for your own lovely and hopefully beautifully involving day. (And two random photos of churches.)


  1. I feel quite tired today as well, like I just want to sit and look at the trees, and do little else. I just wanted to say I love your words as always, and the pictures of those churches, especially the first one. I have a special place in my heart for little white churches among green hills.

  2. Let me just say that reading your words 'Morning rain, wind sending clouds like brave flags of peace across the sky' was well worth coming here today, (uninspired you feel or not!) xx

  3. A great post - you can even make nothing sound interesting.

  4. "...will bring in low reader stats, and how that makes me feel..." -smile- My wee rant is still bobbling about, in blog land. Hugs to you, my Dear.

    I have calmed down. (Wise move, Tessa...) I posted a new post. (Very short and probably, not very sweet. Guess I have not calmed down, quite enough... -grin-)

    Ahhhhh, my tempest-in-a-tea-pot!!! How very involved we (me) can get, in the teeny, tiny things of life!!!

    Mmmm, yes! I should have posted this, actually.

    But... I am human enough, to speak to one at a time. And you happen to bring out the nice side of me. So I will leave the nice side of me, here... And let the other... Blow out into the world wide net.

    The world wide net will not remember it, long, anyway...

    Gentle hugs,

  5. I empathize. Today I had a few minutes, and I read a few, and then I felt sad, because some were sick or worse...I felt I should keep it up, or just be better with visits for the wonderful ladies and friends I've made through the years. xoxo Su