tender moon

The sun had gone, leaving only one last handprint of light against the evening, a sorrowing, a promise that he would come again in the morning. The world was falling back into the arms of night. I lay on the grass with my hands in the sky. I looked at the world from bird-low, cat-low, small wildflower height. Everything was different from down there.  All my understanding became different too.

But it was getting cold, so I lifted myself up and headed home. After a few steps towards sunset, I took one last look back, over my shoulder, to the darker part of the sky. And there she was -

The moon, vast and golden, soft and heavy, drawing her cold stone body out of the sea to catch the sun's light and hold it for all of us standing in darkness on earth.

This is the tender moon, the moon of wishes, that rises between spring and summer. This is the daughter of the world.

I went home and looked at her again through my kitchen window. She had turned the sky above the ocean to a deep, rich sapphire that glowed. Such is the magic of the moon, ordinary magic : keeping hold of hope, and making the darkness gleam with sumptuous wonder, like a jewel, until all the fear of wildness and blindness is gone.


  1. thankyou for breathing this beauty into the start of my day

  2. Spring feels so gentle and beautiful, and I love how you describe it. I love the moon of wishes.

  3. I was looking at the moon last night, too, admiring it. My view of it is usually through the tall firs. It's often cloudy where I live, and I can't always see the moon, so when I do, it always feels like a special blessing.

  4. Your spring moon is a tender moon.

    Our Hunters Moon is rather fierce. So high and so bright. Like a giant white torch in the sky, beaming down on all. Not at all tender...

    Each, perfect, for our different hemispheres...



  5. It's Autumn here in the UK but the moon is no less lovely. Beautiful words.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful..................

  7. The moon is especially lovely this month--huge and golden. I love this: "Everything was different from down there. All my understanding became different too." I am stunned by how perspective changes everything. Your thoughts and photo are beautiful, as always. ♥