the earthsingers

There is a kind of people I look for through my days. Barefoot and dream-hearted people, with patchwork coats and flowers in their hair. People who gather around bonfires for a new moon market, and then wander away from the fires to dwell one wild and quiet moment in the dark, where a starlit wind wraps familiarly around their spirit. People who know about fairies and earth secrets and the wisdom of singing numbers, dancing words, and who teach their children that way, with magic and art, not because it's fashionable but because it's how they live their lives.

They are elusive, this kind. You can go to their homeland and never see them because they are easily lost in a crowd. You may look for long earrings and hippy skirts, only to realise later that regular folk were wearing those and the earthsinging dreamers were in something more practical.

So often these days the prosaic people fill up the niches and the willow-tree shade. They are entitled to, of course, and welcome. There's nothing wrong with being prosaic. It's only that the magic-whispering, wild-witted people become unobvious.

But then, looking for them in certain places, wearing certain clothes, is not always the most effective approach. They tend to be found where you least expect it. In a hospital ward. At a bus station. In the supermarket, pondering over yoghurt. It makes sense, really, when you think about it. Wild poets and dragon-believers aren't necessarily comfortable in the wide open.

And anyway, you can't tell them from just looking at them, or even learning what they do for a job. (I recently met a bricklayer who was the most soulful person I'd encountered in a long while.) The thing is, they are recognisable only by their heart. And you have to open yours to see them true.


  1. What lovely faire pictures! Everything you've written here is so true; it is always an unexpected delight to encounter an earthsinger (oh, I like that term!), a matter of seeing with your heart. ♥

  2. Wow, a post about my kind of people. Thank you for the magic:)

  3. Such beauty, and I love the pictures, of magic, of spring and early summer. It made me sigh a little. Sometimes I think I see those people you speak of, but I'm too shy to approach them. Once I saw a girl on the bus, somehow soft and sensitive, unlike all the others. She was staring out the window, the way I too look at the world, lost in dreams and memory. I wish I had talked to her, but I never do. And there are those beautiful people, wearing the kinds of clothes I want to wear, skirts and blouses, as though they come from a different place entirely. Usually I admire them for a distance as well, wanting to be like them. They inspire me to be more magical.

  4. I doubt I have ever met a real earthsinger...

    I live in a (now) liberal college town. Here there are plenty of old hippies, who are mainly of the liberal political persuasion. But I don't imagine they are faerie or dragon believers.