the storm king

Sometimes the wild night is plain terrifying. There's no imagining a passion there, or a fierce old poem from some warrior heart. It's just sheer power storming through life. It's a hurricane, a diagnosis, an overturning of tables in the temple, a hag-house of bones, a sorrow with no response. And you are reminded, as you stand on your doorstep watching white fire, black wind, exactly what Majesty means. Beyond its mercy, its beauty, its sensual wonderful lure, it is absolute authority. And it will knock you down if you go out bare-faced in it, or even if you stand on your doorstep too long.

But still you stand there, as beset by wind as the trees and the earth, which can do nothing but wait until the storm is over and then shudder slowly back into their battered selves. You don't go out willingly to the raging open air - but you don't go in either, shutting your door. Because this is what's real. This stark wild. This life.

I think where we go wrong is mistaking love for peace and quiet.


  1. Beautiful and true. I write this as the relentless wind beats against the house. The trees are dancing a wild native dance. Yeah, it's a crazy love, but love nevertheless

  2. You need to get your words out there more, for the whole world to read - you are gifted beyond compare.

    1. Thank you Susan, that is so nice of you. Not sure what I can do more than write in this public space and offer up my little books - I have no gift for marketing. I have another book coming soon (hopefully!)

  3. "I think where we go wrong is mistaking love for peace and quiet."

    Oh yes! Love *should* not be quiet and languid. Love should be mind shaking. Body shaking. Earth shaking. :-) Remember first love...? Was it quiet and peaceful? Hope not. Hope it was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.


  4. And your word picture of the storm...... moving........ thank you....

  5. is "absolute authority".

    Your words are a balm to me in so many ways. Thank you. ♥

  6. Thank you so much everyone, I'm so glad other people understand where I'm coming from and feel the same way as me.

  7. Such a great metaphor for life... Lovely.