through the beautiful light of the soul

"The soul is not simply within the body, hidden somewhere within its recesses. The truth is rather the converse. Your body is in the soul and the soul suffuses you completely. Therefore, all around you there is a secret and beautiful soul light.

If we believe that the body is in the soul and the soul is divine ground, then the presence of the divine is completely here, close with us. Being in the soul, the body makes the senses thresholds of the soul. When your senses open out to the world, the first presence they encounter is the presence of your soul. Your senses link you intimately with the divine within and around you."

- John O'Dononhue, Anam Cara.

I don't use instagram as I have no internet connection on my phone. Infact, it's only in the last two years that I have been persuaded to have a phone at all. Having said that, there are several instagram accounts I like. They show me the world as seen through rich and lovely souls. I thought I would share some of them with you today. 

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  1. I, myself, have trouble with the definition of soul. I like to think I have soul but not really sure what it is - undefinable and hard to put into words. I like blogs that have what I think have soul but am never sure what it is that attracts me to them.