king moon

The dark was shifting and whispering last night, and I thought it might rain - hoped it might rain, felt the great longing for rain that is my extended summertime lament - but it did not rain, and to day is still. Blanded by sunlight.

Tonight is Solstice Eve in my part of the world. The wishing time. Tomorrow is the day of the king. He fills the moon to overflowing with his beautiful, implacable light. He pummels my heart with it. He will spend the next few months wearing me down, drawing me out, until I have exhausted all hope and can only lie at his feet, in love. And then he will give me shadow, storm, wild raining magic, and all my weedy storytelling dreaming will regrow. I know I have to take the light with the rain and magnificent shadow. No one said what we needed for existence was comfortable. I just wish summer didn't go on for so long.

Now, although I said I'd do a twelve-part series on writing, I have infact reached my tolerance for self-promotion. I always have to balance shyness with my need to raise funds, while at the same time feeling that this weblog shouldn't be about marketing my books. In the end, I go back to a gentle belief that, if my blog posts resonate with you, then hopefully you will want to read my books. So today will be my last direct pointer towards The Coracle Sky. I am so grateful for all the wonderful support thus far, and I still have a little way to go towards my fundraising goal.

Therefore, a Solstic Eve gift : anyone making a donation of six dollars over the next two days will get an extra book of their choice as well as The Coracle Sky.  

And now, to counter all that self-promotion by sharing other people's work ...

The Grey Heron Nights : a series of mythical and magical posts by Sharon Blackie.
How The Raven Made His Bride : a poem by Theodora Goss.
Nettle-Eater : a poem by Coyopa.
The Hedgespoken Winter Raffle
La Fille Damnee : a music video by Cecile Corbel
Dark Undercoat : a song by Emily Jane White
The Gift Of Death by George Monbiot
Reflections on OCD by Michelle Gardella

Blessings to you all at this celebratory time.

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  1. Happy Solstice to you Sarah!

    I'm relieved that today the King is not fierce, (he was yesterday). Rain and cool have brought the relief I so long for.

    The links are gorgeous - we've loved Cecile Corbel since she did the theme song for Arietty.

    Blessings to you. xx