the wandering spirit

I am a gypsy soul living in a small stone house in deep suburbia. I wish with all that strange and restless soul to walk the long roads and sleep under mountains and drink tea with wild forested winds. And that will happen, one of these days. But in the meanwhile I shall sit in my small stone house and travel.

For I have stood on the white ache of beaches, and so that is within me. And I have edged my way into the dry whispering scrubland, and that is within me too. I have lay beneath a sky brimming over with stars. So many stars, they fell in the water and my heart. I have slept beside sacred land and listened to cows and ghosts singing there. I have touched trees which remembered the land of silence before people came. And all of it, including the dreams of it, is within me. I can go deep into the faraway whenever I want.

Here are some things I found during my virtual wanderings this week which I hope you may like.

The spirit of Mother Christmas.
Elen of the Ways.
Dancing the Cailleach.
The Wayfarer's Year : a calendar by Rima Staines.
Yule greeting cards by Amanda Clark.
Circus elephant sanctuary.
Such a beautiful soul.
Birds are messengers of the climate.

I hope you have a lovely, enchanting day.


  1. I've been meaning to write and haven't found the words. This. This is lovely. Thank you for writing your words across the universe.

  2. This is achingly beautiful. I love the way you write. Reading it twice still isn't enough for me.

  3. Such kindness, thank you both for your lovely comments.

  4. When I picture you sitting writing these posts, it is not in a stone house in suburbia. Your writing conjures up so many images that it is impossible to pin down the reality. Keep wandering in the deep faraway Sarah and take us with you.

  5. beautiful
    thank you for taking me to these places with your words