drifting, dreaming

We went to the beach for a picnic lunch. I do not like the beach. Infact, I'd usually rather be anywhere else in the world. But today it was lovely, wonderful. Perhaps this is because we cycled there, and cycling makes just about anything into a charming adventure.

I confess, I didn't want to go home afterwards. I haven't ridden in ages, but there still dwells within me an old childhood fantasy of getting on a bike with laden saddlebags and a backpack, and riding off into the west, the north, the darkly dreaming lands. I've never done it because every time I mentioned it there was someone to tell me that it was unsafe (for a woman in particular) to take to the old roads in such a wild and drifty way. To sleep under trees and eat on shores haunted by the longings of the deep white sea.

I have driven those roads, but it's not the same as pedalling through the sun and the wind. Maybe one of these days I will be uncautioned, and I will go, and if my bones hold out and my breath still has strength in it, my very old dream will come true.

What's something you have always wanted to do but been too careful, too sensible, to follow through?


  1. mmmm, i think traveling alone would be the only thing i've been too careful to do. mostly because i could get lost inside a box, and so fear decoding airports, undergrounds, city streets, coach routes, etc on my own.

    1. airports are like Dr Seuss books to me. And I once walked out of a Sydney underground train station on to the only main road and looked left rather than right and therefore caught the wrong bus, and had to spend hours retracing my steps. Not sure how someone can get so lost on a single street, but I managed it.

  2. one thing I really like about getting old is it's a lot safer walking in the middle of the night to wherever 'm going and must say I have never been careful or sensible hehe!

    1. me neither, generally speaking :-)

  3. Elizabeth WaggonerJanuary 5, 2016 at 9:26 AM

    Happy New Year, Sarah. I'm just now catching up after the holidays.
    I would take a road trip - all over the country. I don't know that I've necessarily been afraid, as much as inhibited by the financial issues.(always so careful. always so responsible) It would be lovely to go alone, and at my own pace. I think I might get caught in the mountains, tho, and never leave - never go any further.

  4. I had to think about your question for a while.

    There is nothing I want to do that I am afraid to do (in other words, if something frightens me, I don't want to do it!) But, there are things I would like to do that health, ability, and duty to others won't allow. If I could, I would ski and ice skate. If I could, I would spend a year in the forest, off-grid, in a little cabin by myself with a dog, and maybe a cat or bird, for company. I would talk to the trees and collect rocks, dig in the dirt, hike, fish, press flowers, sing, knit, draw and write. I do a lot of those things now, but in my cabin there would be silence and no distractions. There would also be no field of electricity aglow and buzzing around me day and night.

    If I could, I would hike the Appalachian Trail.

    Perhaps somewhen, if I can.

  5. i like your new place. i've been keeping up, but barely, and i won't give you any excuse other than life - i know you know.

    I want your dream to come true. however long it takes.

    my fantasy is to just drive, put the cat in the jeep and go, spend rainy nights safe under its roof. that requires money and a cat who will stay calm in the vehicle, but i still love the idea. i like a road in front of me and no one to answer to. :)

  6. sounds lovely
    it has been too long since i have ridden my bike
    now i must wait for months to go by, for snow and ice to thaw
    and then i will wander and pedal