finding peace and promise

It's when times are hard, and between every step forward is a quagmire, you learn where to sit for a little relief. Under a sharded moon, between the trees. At the edge of rain, on your cold doorstep. In the sunshine, waiting for the sea to wash over your feet. In the arms of your husband. In the lapping peace of a bath. Whatever works for you - that is the gift of the hard times, that you find (if you look) what works for you.

And you learn (if you can) the direction of hope. People always say it's forward, but I'm not so sure. I think sometimes you find it in the past, in the wisest and most beautiful moments of your experience. And other times you may find it in the right now - a glimpse of health, a sentence spoken.

Sometimes you can even find hope in the quagmire itself. When things are so hard you don't think you'll cope - but you cope. Or when you don't know what to do - and you learn to pray. Or when you are stuck - but you realise there are solutions for getting free.

Peace and promise are always available to us, we only have to turn our face, our heart, in their direction.


  1. I have found peace and promise in all of the ways you have mentioned here at one time or another. You have such a beautiful way of expressing life's truths. And, these photos are really lovely--this whole post has captured the very essence of peace and promise.♥

  2. Beautiful and yes, peace and promise comes in so many ways. There have been times when a hot bath was the only place that I could find peace. Now, more often than not, I just have to close my eyes and breathe, or maybe look at a leaf. Life is beautiful. That is peace enough.

  3. Thankyou for this timely reminder. Peace is freedom, to me.

    I've been so forgetful and vague this Summer - I had forgotten your new home here. But I have updated my reader now, and realise what a lot I have to catch up on.

    Peace be with you. xx

  4. There is a gentle peace about this post. Your words, the dream pictures. Indeed, I have found peace and hope in such places.

    I hope all is well with you. Love and blessings.

  5. A beautiful post that once again, resonates. Thankyou for sharing this.xx