moon of gold

These past few evening I have been watching the moon rise up from the ocean, and waiting in one chamber of my heart for the words of something she seems to tell me. Silver one night against pearl sky; gold the next through a gentle sweep of lingering pink sunset; sad, sad, and swelling up with unsaid story.

I'm surprised how much I've come to love her these past two years. I think it's because, when I see her from my kitchen window, she's still soft and damp with ocean. Her magic is a woman's sleepy, half-stirred smile. By the time she gets to the part of the sky where I used to see her when I lived in the valley, she's older, harder, and her light hurts my bones. But that's one good thing about living on the shore : here, I meet the moon while she still remembers her lush water love.

This month of the year, I call it the gold-heart moon. It's supposed to be the beginning of the calendar, but to me it's really deep-down time, when the year is sagging with heat, and the flowers & leaves, are starting to turn, to burn. My horizons become golden. My body feels like an old moon, over-lit and hurtful. And everything around me cries for rain except the city people, and the weather forecast people, who call any wet weather horrible, no matter how many plants and farm animals and farmers themselves are dying from the long hot dry.

Usually I wither this month, but as I look at the moon lately, I feel a small glint of hope. She's holding story, plump shadowy story, and all I need to do is keep watching, loving, wanting, and I'll catch its words as they shine like gentle lunar light through my kitchen window.

The paintings are by Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi.


  1. Very beautiful, and I love the artist that you featured as well. xoxo Su

  2. Your moon sounds so beautiful. I wish I too could see her coming out of the ocean. The sun, the moon is often hidden by the mountains here. I could not see her last night, but she made the world white and bright outside my window.

  3. What great and intimate thoughts that pierces deep. Warm greetings.

  4. So beautiful--and a story in its own right. Here is a woman in the midst of the deep-down time who is waiting for the moon. What will it bring her? What will she find in the gold-heart moon?

  5. A golden, eloquent post from a fellow moonheart!