dream-walking the woodlands of memory

I have been walking the lovely wild hare ways in my mind. There are none around me in this neighbourhood, so I can only sit and dream. But I have been those ways by foot many, many times, and memory allows me to relive my experiences almost as well as the doing of them. So I dream-walk soft summer woods, listening to birdsong, seeing the occassional glint of sea-light like fairy-light through the trees.

Sometimes I feel that I am called by society to rush about experiencing lovely or interesting things every day. But it seems to me that doing so isn't necessarily enriching. It's just a lot of activity. It's like gathering apples but never eating them.

When I remember an experience  ... sitting on my sofa drinking lemonade on some too-hot afternoon and thinking myself away to some winter meadow where I watch windflowers sprawl beneath shadowy breezes, feel the comfort of a shawl around me, hear the languid lap of a nearby lake against its shore ... I am dwelling in the soul of that experience.

Memory allows us to luxuriate in slow, deep time. Or maybe it's something more than memory. I know a very old lady who often forgets so much of the ordinary, but she remembers the touch of light on a nameless, beloved face. She remembers the swell of earth over a newly made grave. Maybe there is mind-memory and then again soul-memory. Maybe not only our brains and muscles recall experiences, but so also our breath, and our blood-stirring, and the grooves on the soles of our feet.

I sit on my sofa but I am forestbound in every way except location. 

(Quote from Shakespeare)



  1. Midsummer's Night Dream... We memorized those lines once. Hopefully autumn is not too far off for you. I like the thought that there could be mind memory and soul memory. Maybe there is. Beautiful photos. xoxo Su

  2. Always lovely to come here and be soothed by your words. xx

  3. mmm, soul memory. yes. i can believe in that.

  4. What dreamy shots and words.

  5. When things are particularly hard, memory offers me solace, peace, and the springtime of my heart.

    Beautiful thoughts and pictures, as always. ♥

  6. This is so beautiful, Sarah. Your words are enchanting and thought provoking.