heavenly magic

I forgot the laundry, so hurried out at night to collect it in from the line. Stars were up, settled into their familiar constellations for the night, and a cool breeze went through the quiet dark. It made the laundry dance, pale, as if dresses and tea towels were wild.

For a moment I stood amongst linen and lace, townhouses and fences, and felt that I was standing instead on an island. Forest edged me, farms and roadways called me to dance wild myself. I had become no longer an ordinary half-old woman in suburbia, bringing in her washing, but a wise woman, strong, rich with fine-woven age, and steady with understanding.

nin heidhr

I wanted to have been gathering firewood, baking bread, harvesting vegetables, instead of having spent an evening watching television. I wanted to be realer than real. As the moment passed and I began unpegging dresses, it seemed to me that I was infact a strong earth-made, wind-shaped woman, but that I lived in a kind of zoo, a comfortable zoo, designed for my interests and built for my protection, but preventing me ultimately from being my truth. And I wished that I didn't know it, because only the rich or the furious can find a way out.

This is what the magic of a starlit night wind did for me. It reminded me that the magic of the human is being human within the world. Touching earth. Finding the fire in wheat and wood. I do not decry technology (I am so thankful for technology), but I wonder how long we will remain truly comfortable, and truly human, within our beautiful zoo.


  1. the magic is always there when we slow down enough to see and hear and your words find the way there

  2. This post beautifully sums up so many things that I have been thinking about in recent weeks about what it means to be human. It is easy to see what we have gained with modernity. But many sensitive souls have sensed that something is missing--that we have lost something vitally important to our being that once was ours.

  3. love the new header, love the illustration in this post, and love the ideas expressed here...a comfortable zoo, indeed, in which our true natures pace like captive panthers at times, and at other times sleep...we are (generally) pretty comfy there, but one wonders what has been lost or traded away for the ease...

  4. You are the most moving, evocative and prolific writer. Have you shared anywhere how you do what you do? I am deeply inspired and long to write with such beauty and abundance and depth.

    1. Thank you Hillary, here is one of my most popular posts of all time : How to write poetically. http://betweenthewoodsandthewaters.blogspot.com/2013/04/how-to-write-poetically.html

  5. i love how the evening magic kissed you

  6. I'm so glad I've had a moment to pause and breathe in the magic your starlit night wind. Your poetic words have brought their own magic to my evening. Thank you Sarah!

  7. By the way, I love your new blog header.