she dreamed the moon

She dreamed the moon was made of silver and roses. And even after they gave her books of sense and science, she would not relinquish that thought. Even after she'd learned long division, and tax returns, and how to get stains out of a linen shirt.

You can't believe that, they told her.

Why not? she wanted to know.

Because it's not true. True is what we can see and touch and test and calculate.

So she dreamed the stars were lamplight, lovelight, shining through the veil of the world.

Because she also believed was that there are many different ways to understand existence, and none of them can really be proved. So she chose to go with magic and soul, rose dreams, and gentle sky enchantments. She did so bluntly, with careful deliberation, despite all the clever men with their heavy, clever books. She chose even in the face of physics.

And the moon went on drifting around the world, whatever anyone thought.


  1. "and how to get stains out of a linen shirt."

  2. Beautifully written and photographed!

  3. i love this...

    i was reminded of that passage in "brideshead revisited" where charles ryder is asking his friend sebastian about his faith, specifically the whole ox/ass/baby part of the christmas story, and sebastian says something like, "oh, yes, i believe that--it's such a lovely idea." charles replies that one can't believe something just because it's a lovely idea, and sebastian reiterates, "but i DO. that's how i believe."