the month of apples and falling acorns

The spirits of the air live in the smells
Of fruit; and Joy, with pinions light, roves round
The gardens, or sits singing in the trees.

William Blake

 Autumn has been a joyful surprise this year. We normally experience thick golden heat all the way through March, so that grass bristles and bites, and flowers shrivel, and I despair of ever feeling entirely comfortable again. But recently there have been mornings cold enough to justify a cardigan, and earlier nights, and skies that express a wild, fresh glory ...

I find myself making more cups of tea, and sitting more quietly, and thinking again about where I might take my camera at the edges of the day to honour beauty.
In the morning, I open my door to hear seagulls sing the sea. There is sand to be swept from my path and sunburned plants to be tended in my garden. I water them in the palest light and hope that they will hold on for the gentler days coming soon.

When I cycle to the village, acorns crack beneath my tyres and tap, falling, on my shoulders. They burst with destiny; they kiss the ground. And their trees whisper hope for the flight of leaves, and freedom ...

Down in the village, I smell hot cross buns and sea-salted breezes. Bushes are suddenly blossoming pink, as if they can breathe again with the easing of the heat.

Everything seems beautiful with relief.

I want to bake apple cake, blueberry scones, peach crumble - and then take them on picnic suppers to the beach. I want to clean my house until it's as fresh as the sky ...

Summer is always a long and difficult trial. But acorns are falling, and the wind is beginning to stir once more. The promises of autumn mornings bring such lovely peace.

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  1. i love how you talk about "the village" and wish that saying going downtown or into town as we do here, sounded half as beautiful!!!

  2. It's always fascinating to me that just as winter is ending here, across the world it's only beginning. I LOVE autumn. I know most people like spring best, but fall is just so crisp and cool and fun! I think the heat of summer bores me after a while. It gets to 70-80 degrees in March here and mostly stays above 80 until September, so I'm pretty much over it by fall! Other people argue with me that summer doesn't last that long, but it's 70 today and will be 80 tomorrow, so poo on them!

  3. what unusual clouds! so wispy and wild...and it's always nice to get the deeper blue sky back after the leached-out pale memory of blue of the hot days.

  4. Wherever you are, it is gorgeous if the clouds and brilliant blue sky are anything to go by. You wax poetic about cycling to the village and I can just envision it in my mind's eye. Visiting from Roses of Inspiration.