the need for our old sacred stories

I've been thinking a lot lately about stories. About the heart's hunger for them. Whether they are religious stories or homemade old family stories or fairytales, people seem to need the telling. We have after all constructed our world and our selves around the different stories that are, at different times, most important to us.

But what do we do when we live in a culture whose tales don't resonate with our own hearts? A particular religious culture, or a secular culture that tells a story of material success, or even a culture that talks in an different architectural language than that which we treasure? I think a lot of us try to embrace the cultural tales anyway, as much as we can, because we're needing so dearly. So we buy the special labelled clothing, for example, because even when it doesn't make us feel like we belong, or like we've found ourselves, still it's something to hold on to. It's like eating cheap bread when you're starving - anything will do.

Even for those who know the stories they want, and how to tell them, there can be a sad loneliness and lack of fulfillment if no one's sharing those stories with us. How can we honour a particular Spirit of Life if we're the only one talking about (and to) it? Or how can we sing a beautiful song of lace and velvet if no one else wants to hear it?

It can be hard to find fellowship in this modern world with its barricaded cliques and its restrictive narratives. That's why I love the internet and especially blogging. It gives us such a beautiful opportunity for us to share our sacred tales with far-flung kindred spirits - to gather and be an audience together, murmuring together, holding hands and linking hearts, across the world and through the silence.

I'm grateful for the various people I've found online who have the courage and grace to tell old earthy stories, or shy, rose-coloured, mist-hearted stories, or whatever it is that they have in their hearts that would otherwise never be heard.

(I want to share some names, but as I look through my blogroll I realise it would take a very long time to list everyone. My computer is breaking down - I'm blessed to have been able to write this post; I don't know how long I have until the screen goes black again. But if I visit your website, you may know how much I appreciate you.)


  1. Our worlds have expanded greatly, thanks to the internet. I've met and made friends I otherwise wouldn't/couldn't have.
    I met you, and I'm grateful I did.

  2. Oh yes we need beautiful, heartfelt stories, I yearn for them and search for them, and the internet is wonderful in this way.

  3. i would feel very much alone indeed, without my internet tribes...

    hope your computer hangs in a while longer and/or gets fixed or replaced as painlessly as possible.

  4. I'm sorry that your computer is acting up, and I hope it is repairable. Such lovely thoughts about stories. xoxo Su

  5. I am grateful for you and the beautiful stories you tell.♥
    I have a love-hate thing with technology, but I cannot deny that the internet has connected me to kindred souls I would not have otherwise met.
    Remember the days when we all had "blogrolls" (instead of private feeds)? I used to love visiting my friend's favorite places--it introduced me to wonderful new people and ideas. blogrolls were a story in themselves--in some ways they provided a more complete profile than an about page! Now I find myself going through the comments of my favorite blogs to meet new friends, but it isn't quite the same thing.
    I hope your computer can be restored.♥

  6. Blog world has truly changed my life. It inspires me to be a better person, a better mom, a better homemaker and definitely a better photographer. Your blog is one of my most recent discoveries and I'm so glad to have found you. : )

    ~ Wendy

  7. I agree. It's through the internet that I've found compatible frequencies - the stories and the people who care about them. Thank goodness. My blog is just a baby - barely started on a sad old computer that is extremely limiting - but I hope someday to get my voice in tune and find even more of the people and stories that I can relate to. (Right now it still feels like I'm writing high school essays instead of relaxing into conversation - but it's coming.....)
    I think the stories are out there, and the people who tell them - so we just have to hang on, and find them, though they be continents away!