when you're caught in the tide

Sometimes we find ourselves, whether we intend it or not, at the raw edge of the world. That place where the ground slides away beneath our feet, and if we're not careful we'll be washed away along with the weeds and rotting urban debris.

The thing to remember about being in this place is that it's also where the sun rises.

In the raw, and in the sudden rush of an unexpected tide, all we can do is dig out toes in and stand strong. But afterwards, shaky, cold, back home, we can choose to turn our remembering eye away from the mud and weeds and old sea bones, and think instead of the beautiful promise given to us at every edge, in every morning, by the sun.


  1. Your words and images are... I can't even put the feelings they arouse into words.

  2. Beautiful, all of it, and that last picture made me long for the sea.

  3. "...and think instead of the beautiful promise given to us...by the sun." Beautiful words and pictures, Sarah.♥