the day is filled with whispering peace

Home for me is a gentle afternoon rain falling through trees, making my windows shimmer, fading the view of hills and western sky into a pale, wild-hearted, untroubled dream. With a blanket, a cup of tea, a story in my mind, and some light activity - reading or drawing or watching a vintage movie, or just gazing out at the world - I feel like I never need to be anywhere else ever again.

It's best when I've ventured through that rain earlier, and have been dried and warmed, and wrapped up cosy against the lingering cold in my bones. And just perfect if someone has made me scones. The house fills with the fragrance of baking, of comforting love. A little conversation is nice also, but mostly I like to listen to the rain's old stories of woodlands, hills, shy oceans.

This afternoon we have a steady, calm rain which sweetens now and again with birdsong. It makes me remember the high small rooms of my childhood, and the forest, and farmland paths riddled with puddles. And it makes me think too of the people whose online spaces feel a little like rain on a Sunday afternoon ...

Susan at Home Hum, who has been a dear, true friend for many years now.

Lesley at Rosehip Hearth, another old friend whose community space, Wisteria and Sunshine, is a beautiful haven online.

Lin at A Tiny Cottage in the Woods. She has just begun a lovely instagram account.

Heather at Beauty That Moves. I have been reading her warm and lovely weblog for years.

Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy.  have loved her site for a long time. 

Anne at Kindled Heart, whose gentleness always eases my own heart.

My blogroll is long and diverse, and whenever I think about offering it here, I realise that would be too difficult. Not only is it long and diverse, but I am always anxious that I'll inadvertently leave someone off and thus hurt their feelings. So do know that I have many weblogs I adore, but these six give me that specific, rain-softened feeling.


  1. My dear, sweet friend, what joy to visit you this evening! Your blog is like pure sunshine, so sweet and bright. And may I just say I love the new look of your delightful place.

    I so hope you are doing well and enjoying the month of April. Thank you for mentioning these blogs...I am off to visit them :) Love and hugs to you!

    1. What a very lovely note, thank you so much :-) You have made my afternoon! Your blog is a treasure to me, it always makes me feel warm and happy and heart-nourished.

  2. Your words always inspire, as do your beautiful images. My own words are so few, my thoughts tucked somewhere I cannot yet reach.
    Lovely post.

  3. What a beautiful post, and I love the look of your website, so soft and calming. I'm glad the rain has come. I love it too. Thank you for mentioning me :)

  4. 'Rain on a Sunday afternoon...' what a beautiful thought. I love the changes you've made to your website--the soft colors and lovely vintage banner set a tone of gentleness and beauty.♥
    I am honored that you included my blog in your list. Thank you!

  5. your day sounds so lovely
    i can feel my heart sooth
    thank you

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful blogs. I've now added a couple of them to my own blog roll. Enjoy your day!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  7. Thank you, dear Sarah...just finding this. xo