the community of wild things

I went to the country in search of wild in the soft autumn leaves and knotted eyes of oak trees, the heavy dirt, the vast and brambled swathe of grass. I wandered along rivers, through woods, and inbetween thunderstorms, experiencing long wet grass wild that was lush with cow dung, rain, silence. But did not find what I wanted. Only when I came home again to suburbia did I sense it : something dark, gnarled, slightly dangerous - the wild which hides behind innocent houses and mutters at the edge of things. I could not find it in the green or the beautiful light. It needs places to hide, shadows for muttering into. It is quite naturally a suburban wild.

Strange how strongly I'd assumed that the countryside would be more mystic and magical than my little town. Because of course, "the wild" is not one thing. It is countless individuals found in diverse places where they happen to dwell. The wild includes a pine forest whispering dark stories .. a waterlogged field dreaming of skies deeper than humans can see .. a dirt-dragon squatting beneath townhouses .. a homemaker in a floral apron braiding wishes into her bread .... ghosts in a city warehouse .. Baba Yaga .. a gentle boy reading alone in the attic .. placid farmland .. an abandoned factory hosting weed forests and left-behind hopes that look like steel beams, broken chair legs, torn cardboard ...

I guess it depends on your own spirit as to what relationship you have with the different kinds of wild things in the world.


  1. There is a lot to take away from visiting any countryside and even more so the memories kept. Good thoughts and warm greetings!

  2. Lovely photos. Have a beautiful weekend. xx

  3. "I guess it depends on your own spirit as to what relationship you have with the different kinds of wild things in the world."


    Wonderful photos!

    And wonderful to see you here again.♥

  4. i've thought before that the fierce wild strength that can make a dandelion root through concrete, or that allows the tough thistles and other things that colonize vacant lots to live in a thin drift of urban dust, this is truly the wild at work...perhaps it shows up all the clearer against suburbia?

    or sometimes, too, i've thought that we have forgotten what true wildness is. hopefully not forever...

  5. so true
    your words weave magic that takes me to these places