thoughts at dusk


  1. when you open your hand to show a new thing found from inside yourself, only to discover that other people have found the same thing . . . . hard, but nice to know there are kindred souls out there.

    (and i always wish i'd written it better. i'm trying to release the words into the world anyway. my current lesson.)

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  3. So lovely. I think when we find we are dreaming up similar things across great distances, it speaks to the voices beyond sight, the voices in the earth and the collective unconscious, that want to be spoken. It can be uncanny sometimes how this happens; the same kind of story stumbled upon in two very different ways; the same images or characters even. It's as if the world has things it wants to say, and when strong enough, many sit up and listen. Such a poignant and important line to remember: "when a culture stockades its wisdom; as if no one else can walk the same way into the light."

    1. I so agree with you on this. I hear from a artists (women especially) who struggle with the whole issue, out of their own feeling of inadequacy, or their training as women in this culture. I can relate to that, and so wrote about it a little here, not about anything specific, just the general idea.

      I've also struggled with the whole issue of cultural appropriation, because while I see how spiritualities like those of the Native Americans have been stolen and trashed by others, I also see that its really quite reasonable for outsiders to find wisdom and insight from other cultures, or just have the same ideas themselves in parallel, and to embrace them for their own spiritual journey. For example, with dreadlocks - many Caucasians find personal authenticity in wearing them, but they face recriminations from Rastafarians who feel dreadlocks are theirs exclusively.

  4. Absolutely beautiful words and photo. xx

    ~ Wendy

  5. such beauty in image and word

  6. I went for a walk with my family this afternoon in our neighbourhood, and saw the 'homely' homes and the wet leaves. I feel my Sunday is complete now. Thank you.