memories in the rain

Some days the steps forward are smaller than other days. And you want to stop with almost every step and look at its texture, and its tiny flowering weeds, and the touch of sun or rainshadow on your feet. And you take a deep breath, say a bit of poem or hold a bit of silence, before going on to the next step, and then the next one.

On this day of rain and quiet, I am going slow. So I have some links for you to old posts which you've probably all read, but some of you might not have, and anway, here they are.

To the beautiful woman.
How to overcome writer's block.
Signs of love.
You don't have to be beautiful.


  1. "To the beautiful woman"


    And older women need this too!

    Luna Crone

  2. We all need slow days! Savour them!