reaching for gold

I dragged myself up and went slowly, stubbornly, to find the sunset. Because sometimes you just have to have colour. You have to search the plains for the slightest hill and stand tall as you can on it, reaching up past power lines and buildings and the heads of other people to frame within glass one perfect square of sky.

Sometimes that's what it takes to find beauty. Always, it's worth it.

This photo was taken years ago on a summer's night in my home street, looking west into love and gold. Last night's sunset was very different,in a remote north sky, and crimson - a winter's sunset, like the colour of longing and regret. It's beautiful though, what little I got. I have it in my camera, but my camera is in the other room, and my computer desaturates everything, making processing is a long-winded thing these days, so I'm falling back on an older sky instead. I remember when I took the photo. I was wishing for a more beautiful neighbourhood, where I could watch sunset through a natural setting, not behind houses and through construction sites. I've since learned to take beauty however I can find it, no matter what reaching or angling I have to do.

The photograph would be impossible now; the trees in the distance have been cut down for housing. I guess a different kind of beautiful is there - human beauty inside small rooms, where people make for themselves the best lives they can. But I'm sad about the gold.


  1. Oh, I feel your longing... Now, we know we have to move (our lease expires on 12 August!), I'm hoping for more green, more trees, more skies, less concrete, less brick... We've applied to rent a village rectory - beautiful, peaceful, but hardly any mobile or internet connection...
    Seems there is no perfect place to live (with the just right amount of trees and internet) - we just have to seek the Beauty wherever we can :) xx

  2. It's sad to see trees and openness replaced by houses. Progress, I guess.
    I live in the country now, but was born and raised in New York City. I could never go back.

  3. A beautiful picture Sarah - I always find summer sunsets are a little insipid compared to winter ones, and often the camera takes the picture it wants rather than the colours that are actually there. Luckily there is nothing stopping the view of the sunset behind our house, but at the front sunrises are difficult to capture amongst all the roofs and chimneys.

  4. there ought to be a term in the language for the missing of trees...

    lovely sunset sky---it's like a maxfield parrish painting sky.

  5. lovely sunset photo.
    yes, so worthwhile to find beauty where we can.

  6. Thank you all.

    I agree, a word for the missing of trees ... perfect idea.