wishing for peace

outside the world
is singing

stone and storms.

I sit in bed listening to the windblown memory of sea tripping over houses and solitary trees. I can't seem to grasp a sense of peace within myself. And I think this is a lesson we all must come to terms with eventually - that life is difficult, uncertain, full of fears and things we can't control. Finding a way to smile, do good, be kind, appreciate beauty, maybe even just breathe some days, within such peacelessness, is the best we can do. It won't be enough to bring about global peace - nothing ever will. But it can bless the hours and small spaces, the individual hearts and the neighbourhood, and each of those things in themselves is a whole world.


  1. i keep coming back to a similar thought, that peace within us and within our homes is the only way to send peace into the world, as well as our only refuge from a lack of peace in that world.

  2. yes, each of those things is a whole world.

  3. Beautiful. Beautiful, Sarah. I long for a sense of peace, but I can't help but feel heartbroken at the moment, wondering if such a thing is possible in this chaotic world. Is anyone able to feel peaceful and at ease, knowing what is happening on the earth around them? I wonder. <3

  4. love is the way.
    I love you xx