the language of flowers

There is a joy of blue at my windows this morning. And the clouds are wings for it. The sky is skimming light, singing light; the day is quite simply lovely.

I want to go down to a stream somewhere in search of flowers that are poems grown from the wetted earth. I can't, for even if there was a stream there are few flowers in this lingering cold season - so I'll write of it instead. And I'll try to make my own heart a flower, and live like a poem.

I have been reading a lot lately, and the funny things is that all those printed words make me long to put down books and go to read the world instead. This is what good writing can do for you - not take you to another world, but be a midwife for your love for this world. I am not reading about flowers (I am currently reading Sense and Sensibility) but the language and the creative force of the book is somehow like a flower, a hill, a fast blue wind. I think perhaps it has something to do with truth.

That is why I advocate for schools to be provide the best books, if possible. So that people are blessed with all that literature can do for the spirit beyond typed-up words and exciting plots. I myself believe the best book of all is the great compendium of Nature.


  1. So beautiful! And yes, book can be like flowers - transformative and leading to awakening.

  2. I also find that if I read a 'good' book - an inspirational, make-me-think book - I want to go out and explore... to find the Truth, for myself, of which the author writes...
    A beautiful post, thank you x

  3. Lovely thoughts. Though I am forever short on words.. I find them to be magical.

  4. I do so agree Sarah - a world without books would be unthinkable - we gain so much from them, whether fiction or fact.