the natural being

When you were away, I knew you. But you came back lit by stranger stars in skies more looked-at, and touched by oceans that sing a different song. I learned what I'd always believed but now saw for certain - how much we meld with the world around us. How much we are knuckles and sunshine, hips and lips and sea salt, smiles and the sky.

And the world is sky and smiles, sea salt and lips and hips, sunshine and knuckles.

You came back a thousand miles more.

And I wonder all over again how much the way we treat ourselves and each other is seen in the condition of the natural world? How much of climate change, pollution, sea ruination, species demolition, tree loss, sky clogging, is about the state of our own hearts?


  1. The earth is changing, more with each year passing.
    It is our home, so we must find a way to save it.
    I'm optimistic.
    Lovey post.

  2. i think that's a very good question...i think that living away from wild nature, and seeing a degraded environment, influence our hearts toward despair, toward anomie, toward violence. and i think that the ugliness it begets is again mirrored outward in our despairing, uncaring, or violent behavior toward each other and toward the world. we both make and are the destruction...perhaps if more of us can be raised in the integrity of loving families and less-spoilt environments, it could change for the better? then we could be both healer and healed, as is the world of which we are part?

  3. Yes.

    And I've noticed since I moved from a hard, concreted, de-natured environment to a far softer, gentler, wilder one , (that is fervently protected as a World Heritage site), that people respond to their surroundings, and behave differently. Not always, of course. But when giant trees outnumber people on a day-to-day basis, there is a lesson in awe, humility, and abiding with that's hard to avoid. Particularly when nature can be so fierce, (as in bushfires). In a place such as this, we risk our survival in more immediate ways if we behave with arrogance, or dismissive contempt towards the land, and others. It compels many of us to consider the bigger picture, and what's at stake.

  4. What a beautiful, thought provoking post. The last paragraph says it all.