a moonchild in springtime

Today, inspired by some of my favourite people on instagram, I went to a lovely peaceful meadow to do some sketching. I gathered a few flowers and sat on my old picnic blanket in the sunshine, with pencil and paper ... and ended up writing words. Small, light words about the birdsong and windsigh around me.

And then I put the pencil down. I did not find any fulfillment in drawing or writing the peace of the moment. It was nicest just to be there. Listening to the breeze, watching swans amble across the grass. And I knew even as I closed my eyes so that sunlight could swim in the intimate space behind my eyes, that I'd have enjoyed it even better at night, under a pale, cock-eyed moon, in the taut half-hour before a storm.

What I love in other people does not have to be a part of me. 


  1. Lovely thoughts you shared.
    Your last sentence says volumes.♥

  2. It's funny isn't it Sarah - I felt just the same whilst we were away. I am a writer at heart but I didn't feel the need to write down what I was experiencing, not everything has to be committed to paper all the time. Just being there was enough.

  3. "...inspired by some of my favourite people on instagram..."

    Others photos do inspire, don't they? -smile- Your beautiful photos-of-light, for instance.

    And I tried to "copy" them. Yours, and others... But it didn't work.

    I'm Light-photo-taking-challenged.

    And I also was drawn back, to photos with vivid colors.

    "What I love in other people does not have to be a part of me.

    So I finally accepted, that my forte was color. -smile- Your words encompass this, so very well.

    Thank you.

  4. I'm just floating happily in the beauty, and the truth, of your words. x