the curious writer

For me, writing is about following the unexpected question.

Not the cry in the night, the silence.
Not the heroine, her friend.
Now what happened, what happened after that.

Not the hero who landed a plane in the Hudson, the people who looked out of their offices windows and saw it coming.

Not what the sea is whispering, why the woman doesn't want to go near it.

For several years, I've been wondering what lies behind the mystery of a dead puppeteer I once dreamed about. I've not yet told that story, for it's a night story, and I've been writing the daylight. Lately though, my imagination has been closed, and the only way to open it again is to ask strange questions and follow strange threads that unravel from regular plots and slip away into darkness. Mystery lures a writer into story just as much as it does a reader. It takes me back into the night, where a crooked moon hangs over a city that wants to know too much. Someone in there is a silence, and that is where story starts.


  1. 'Tis all about asking the questions - and being brave enough to follow wherever they lead...
    Just beautiful xx