the dance of secret magics

For me, at least, writing is like finding the secret nut hidden within each ordinary word that, when cracked open, turns them into magic. I rummage amongst phrases, I scribble and dream, and yet only sometimes do I find what I need for that magic. I wish I had the mastery of it - the way of easily making rose, stone, tower, white-winged bird, into a fairytale. But it seems as if the magic belongs to the words themselves. It can not really be located. It has to be offered up. For me, at least.

jessie marion king

Of course, something has to be given in return. Magic for magic. A heart's own dark secret, broken open, sounded in words - stone, tower, the feeling of wings. And so writing becomes a wild exchange, a battle of enchantments, a dance. And somewhere in that process, you fall in love with each other.

If you don't, the magic falters. Because the real story is in that falling, that love.

Driftwood on the virtual shore ...

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  1. You are your beautiful words..
    and your words are magical poems within themselves. ♥

  2. This is beautiful! Every time I come here I find magic.

  3. Writing: part magic, part craft. Part grace, part perseverance.
    You do it in a way I can only imagine.

    Thank you for the driftwood.

  4. i thank you for the links, especially the one about the "whisperers".