the moon before a storm

She is an intermediary for the sun; she lights the deepening clouds blue - although not quite true blue, only a dream of it, appropriate for the night. She herself, of course, is dark.

I can not see her through my kitchen window, only her cast-off light. But I can feel her long, cold silence, as if she is holding her breath, waiting for rain.

I know how she feels.

I wonder if the sky makes storms just for her. Rain to please the moon. Wind lifting seas to stir the heart of the moon. I wonder what the sky sings to earth's gypsy sister.


  1. Just beautiful... Luna was bright and yellow last night, sharp-edged on black night. Today, just low, grey cloud and rain - LOTS of rain! I, too, wonder if Luna knew the rains were coming... the trees are happy :D Made my Full Apple Moonboard last night

  2. How I love this idea - the rain and wind yearning to please the moon. An act of devotion. That's exquisite, Sarah.
    I can't see Mistress Moon this evening - she's cocooned in clouds.
    Full Moon blessings to you. x

  3. i was moon-gazing last night too...harvest moon, full moon in pisces, and eclipsed also. what i saw was like the above (very atmospheric!) image---a glowing orb veiled by clouds. it felt somehow immense. i do love your turn of phrase "the earth's gypsy sister".