books for beautifying life

Yesterday was for picnics on the sunlit sand, beside a calm, old-fashioned sea, and then later under a frail, cobweb-coloured moon as the twilight grew deeper and colder and the trees turned to portents of night. Spring is so lovely right now, I find it hard to stay indoors for long. Everywhere are flowers for gathering to tuck in your hair or inside books or in your purse so that your fingers, reaching for business, emerge scented, charmed. The suburban streets and little villages seem to be floating in a vintage kind of peace, even while across the ocean insane politicians threaten the destruction of us all.

It was also a day for books. I had intended to buy an old volume of poetry, something to add to the collection of small pocket-books, handbag-books, that can be carried around for inspiration or consolation throughout the day. I came home with somewhat more ...

Rainbow Valley, which I already have somewhere in my book cupboard but this edition was too pretty to leave behind ... and Cranford, hardbound, gilded, with heavy white pages and the scent of dusty lavender, which enchanted me because I only recently found and fell in love with the tv series ... and the perfect poetry volume, almost as old as the poems themselves - Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, Wordsworth, just right for reading between sandwiches on the beach ... and then in the last moment, all of a sudden, unable to resist it, a book I have wanted for the longest time ...

It is like holding softness, gentleness, in your hands.


  1. Lovely thoughts of Spring.
    Thanks for sharing your newfound treasure. ♥

  2. 'It's like holding gentleness in your hands'... I love the way you write!

  3. I have has the Sara Midda book in my possession for many years, it is a well read favourite. I love the illustrations but have to read it with a magnifying glass as the print is so small :). It is good to have different books for how you feel. I was meandering - but resisted as I just so many books waiting on the shelves at home. They are all like a salve for my soul and don't know how I could exist without them.

    1. Sorry that didn't make sense - it was meant to say I was meandering round a bookshop yesterday and could have chosen armfuls of books

  4. Such gorgeousness! Now I want to explore Sara Midda : ) xx

  5. This is so soft and lovely. It makes me want to find an old book shop and browse its shelves and stay for a long time. But...I'm in a country now where I don't speak the language :p Still, I would like some real books to leaf through, slowly, dreamily.

  6. Oh my, what a delightful and charming book. I can see why it's like holding softness and gentleness in your hands {{smiles}}

    Have a lovely weekend, dear one. Hugs!

  7. i have the midda from a cherished and sadly gone person. very enjoyable...