sunshine voices

I have many reasons for despising a certain American presidential candidate and his messages. But when I watched him orate at the Al Smith dinner and be booed, my heart cringed for him. I hoped he was not hurt.

I know many people hoped otherwise. But it seems to me that, if we were more tender-hearted about all people, even our opposition, then maybe we wouldn't have a culture which raises up such a cruel voice.

I am a wintergirl, but I find nothing more healing than to sit in gentle sunlight, letting its soft warmth soak through me until all the scratches from the world's barbs have eased. Imagine if people were like sunlight to each other. Imagine if gentleness and warmth were the standard.

by the way, few people read here any more, probably because I don't post as often as I used to, & have little time to comment on other weblogs. I am wondering if I would be better to focus instead on the weekly newsletter, if you would prefer that? I do still wish to blog in one way or another.


  1. Though commenting may not always be possible, to or fro, I prefer blogs. I'm not one for emails, I seem to avoid my email box.
    Blogs seem more casual, more friendly, and I always look forward to yours.
    I follow politics closely, it fascinates me. But I avoid discussions of, they can get ugly fast. Maybe someday we'll all learn to get along and truly care about the other.. no matter who they are, or who we are.

  2. I have only just discovered you through Moonlight and Hares. I absolutely love your blog and am reading back through it and am addicted. It helps me with alot of sadness in my life. It's lovely to find kindred spirits. I live in a beautiful place but kindred spirits are thin on the ground. I really so much agree with this blogpost, I cannot believe how heartless people can be to those who so need tenderness. It is so terrible when you cannot protect beloved ones from slings and arrows when they desperately need compassion. Our culture is becoming worse in this regard I think.So your blog is important.

  3. I, for one, read every post, although I don't always comment. Your blog is one of the first I visit each day to see if you've posted :) I do enjoy the newsletters too! Blogs and email are the only social media I engage in - I do put a link to my blog posts on Facebook, as folk seem to follow that, but me and FB are not friends - too many ads and pop-ups! I prefer the calmness of Blogland :)

  4. Thank you both. I do so love my little weblog and want to continue on, and I come here as often as I am able in these loving, busy days.

    Laura, it is such a shame political discussions get ugly as you say, because I think beneath all our arguments most of us are motivated in the same ways - by love for our families and our countries, and fear for what might come, and a dream of hope. I know there is a lot of anger and hatred in this current American election (on both sides) but I believe that hides sorrow and fear and in too many cases despair.

    The Sea Garden ... Pippa ... I am so sorry you have sadness in your life. Kindred spirits are thin on the ground here too, which is why the internet has been a real blessing to me over the years. The consolation of knowing women like me are out there ... if thousands of miles away ... is very great indeed. Hugs and welcome to you here.

  5. I love what you're saying. And I'm a winter girl too :) I too wish we could be gentle and respectful towards each other, even when we don't agree. And we can be strong without being mean, without hurting others.

    And I think do what you want to do most? I love both your blog and your newsletter.

  6. It is difficult to open our hearts to those we strongly disagree with... especially when their words hurt us. But I think often these are the very people who would benefit the most from our care and understanding. In politics, especially American politics, sadly, there is little of admitting their own failings and trying to see the others point of view.

    I always read your blog Sarah, but don't often comment. Mostly I just nod and carry your words and images through the day. I would miss it if you stopped, but completely understand if you wish to do so.

    1. not stopping :-)

      I agree with your first paragraph very much.

  7. Kindness and tenderness are out of fashion these days, it seems. We live in a world which seems to favour sharp elbows and the yard stick for success is in opposition to the the former qualities.

    I do enjoy reading your blog, and I appreciate that you mention when you've put a new post up on your facebook page. A lot of people (myself included) have been turning from blogs, both the reading and writing of posts, in favour of things like facebook which are quicker for both. I miss blogging and I am missing reading thoughtful blog posts. I keep coming to yours and always enjoy them. x

  8. I don't comment often. I rarely feel I have adequate words to share but I do love reading here. If you decide to go a different way, I'd love to follow along. Sending kindness instead of ugliness is the way to go in my mind. I am trying to be more conscientious of what I say or think of other people and their actions. I think it is the only way we can help ourselves.

  9. I
    Find that blogging is a reciprocal medium and if I don't comment I don't get comments. It is a viscous circle. I think you should carry on with your blog as it is where you come into your own. When you had the links to your old posts read through each and every one and so admired your wisdom and kind heart. Sometimes your posts are a little abstract and hard to comment on but always worth a read. Please don't despair of us - you have many devoted readers.

  10. I loved this post so much!

    I despise politics. Most people at the top of the "food chain" are psychopaths, which is a genetic disposition that Hollywood has seriously misconstrued. These people are born without the ability to empathize with others--to feel what others are feeling. This is why they can say and do things and make decisions that hurt people and still sleep at night. (And still want to climb higher.) In a way, they can't help themselves; however this doesn't exempt them from accountability for their words and actions.

    Do they deserve kindness? Yes! Kindness towards everyone! When we learn to love our enemies, humankind will be free.♥

    I love your blog and read every post, but often not until days after you've posted, as I don't go on the internet every day. I hope you will continue posting.

  11. if you do a newsletter - please sign me up :)

  12. Sweet Sarah, I love and adore visiting your blog. You share such beautiful and precious thoughts and I appreciate your kindness. Your images are also always breathtaking :)

    Whether you do a newsletter or continue to share on your blog please know that I will enjoy either. You are a breath of fresh air. Hugs!


  13. Sarah, your blog is the healing in my day. Kind words, soft words in their own time and rhythm have such a special quality. We are always here reading, listening, and grateful.

  14. I read here often, and love your blog. I don't tend to comment because I am trying to get it together around my own blog (nonexistent at the moment) & lately, quiet has been my answer to almost every question life asks. But I am here, and I read, and I am thankful that you are blogging.

    I agree with you about kindness. We need this election over with and then we need to take a hard look at ourselves.

  15. While being aware it is something you have no influence on I do miss the 'nodding quietly' very much as I don't comment often, yet read every post you write. That said I did love the newsletter and miss it. However, you must chose whatever you feel is most fulfilling for you.
    And politics, watching the debates, following politics in Europe and my own country, I so much miss vision, compassion, kindness.

  16. Although I've spent far less time online in recent months, I do love reading your blog whenever I can. I'm less inclined to read emails.

  17. I entirely agree with you. The Golden Rule is found in cultures all over the world for a reason. Empathy is who we are.

    I read so many of your posts that when I pull on boots at dawn to go out to the barn, and mist is rising from the pond as it is many mornings, I think of your writing ---- or more accurately, slide into the lovely aura of your writing. Thank you for that.

  18. i do think that if we had privileged compassion and equity over profit and power as a nation, we might not be in the political sticky wicket we are trying to navigate's always better to take the moral high road rather than being rude (no matter how justifiably).

    i will be happy to read your words in whatever format works best for you. but i like the blog, in truth.