the world is beautiful

Inspired by the lovely Jacqueline, I am sharing some of today's small beauties, and I hope you will feel inspired yourself to leave a list of your own in the comments section. 

a cool southern wind that thrills like childhood stories ... swallows and amazons, famous five ... against the skin of my heart

a great wealth of wild daisies, the like of which we have not seen in years


a proud father sparrow guarding his nest in the neighbour's eaves ... and the sweet little pecks of sound coming from within that unseen nest

reading Rainbow Valley and smelling the thick, creamy paper first printed in 1950

this new series about Elizabeth II

tea and a blueberry muffin

flowers in long hair

being able to put everything down and happily go to help a friend at short notice

skirt hems smelling of onion weed and damp grass

a candle at the breakfast table, its quiet light mingling with the dawn

watching women find the courage to be themselves, and other women support them in such gently loving ways, even though the rest of the world is only interested in personal profit

a profusion of pink and white blossom on silvery trees

wisteria pouring over wooden fences

this tranquil song by Sea Oleena

dreams of peace


  1. The comfort of forest, the cool, damp earth beneath me.
    Picking lingonberries and eating them as I go.
    The warmth of a fire.
    The purring of a cat and the feel of her soft fur.
    The pile of beautiful books on my bedside table waiting to be read.
    Chatting with the friendly robin while digging in the garden.
    The beauty of aspens with their bright yellow leaves and the sound of the leaves in the gentle wind.

  2. so much loveliness, thank you hilja! <3