following the wind

Friends, a reminder that I am posting now at my old home of Knitting the Wind. When you visit here, you will be automatically redirected, but I know many of you read on a feed service and may have missed the change.

After the events of this week, I am glad I moved back to Knitting the Wind. I came here to express the gentling of my days, but ultimately found that I missed the deep strength that the sky, with its trickster storms and grandmother clouds and its long wild blue, has always given me. Of course, a website doesn't do anything more than hold the words and images of the writer - but it also holds a certain weaving of the consciousness or spirit, and I need a wilder loom right now.

I know some of you think I'm strange or foolish, the way I tend to move about the internet. But I have always been a gypsy-hearted person. I change my home, change my template, change my own name, change my way of writing or singing; I am an earth woman in utter hopeless love with the wind. I'm learning to (or forcing myself to) not apologise for myself. Therefore, I hope to see you at the other site.

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  1. Glad you are learning not to apologize, as it is never necessary. I love your gypsy ways.