wild dreaming tales

In the quiet hours, the inbetween moments and the half-light, I sometimes like to write. My stories fall into fairytale shadow and old magical songs. They are about dreams, lost wishes, longing for something beyond the self, and always about love.

My daughter is a highly rated athlete. Her sport is very expensive, and we rely on fundraising to purchase resources, travel to events, and cover other costs.

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The Coracle Sky 

This ebook is a collection of twelve stories that drift through strange places and enchanted hearts to find the illumination of love. Touching here on the armour of a new king, there on the loneliness of a young river witch, each story draws forth the magic, moonlight, and secret wishes that bring a wild weather to our souls.

The book also contains original art and photography, a soundtrack, and notes on the stories.

257 pages.

"I just finished the first story and I'm breathless. So, so beautiful." - Jo.

"Sarah's writing is magical, lyrical, and evocative and the perfect thing for long winter evenings. Highly recommended." - Susan Chambers.

"I love your fragile women. I love that they can be saved by the man, and it's ok, that there is something beautiful in that, but in return they also save him in their own gentle way."
- Anne Linn

When donating, please specify which book/s you want.

Deep In The Far Away.

This novel was originally told in a weekly serialised form but is now complete as a whole book. Deep in the Far Away is a fantasy novel, a love story, and a mystery, set in the beautiful countryside of Linden Cove. The theme of love's power resonates throughout the story as layers of secrets and sorrows are explored.

You can view the pinterest board for Deep in the Far Away here.

"Amazing, heart breaking, soul searing." - Raquel Somatra

"I am so in love with this! Can't wait for the next installment ... your writing is always just gorgeous. It reads like poetry." - Kelly Letky.

"I do love your writing style - it feels like you're telling fairytales - that's how I sometimes view your writing - fairytale-like, wistful and full of wonder." - Lissa.

417 pages.


A gathering of 17 stories about love and longing, loss and reconciliation, and about the paths we travel through the wild landscapes of earth, heart, and imagination, towards our deepest selves. From a lost princess to a woman searching for broken dreams amongst the wrackline, these stories seek to find the sometimes elusive heart of hope. Contained within are photographs, notes on each story, and a recommended soundtrack.

You can read an excerpt here. 

"The stories are beautifully written, mysterious and magical and sometimes with a delicious little twist which I always enjoy." - reader review.

"Filled with stories that smell of earth and spark like magic." - Stephen Parolini

260 pages.

Donations of $3.00 may choose from one of the following two options ...

The Memory of Light

A book exploring the in-between spaces, the connections and disconnections people experience with each other and with the natural world. In words and photographs, The Memory of Light embraces the longing and love deep within our souls as we journey towards home.

"I am wordless because anyway I describe it cannot capture its profound layering of souls.  That feeling you get when you finish a novel and blink and breathe and realise the world had stopped for a moment, or rather you had stopped while the world went by you and will never see things again in the same light.  That feeling is there in each and every poem." - Artemis Moon

102 pages.


A collection of poems and photography about relationships, the draw of self towards other. This extended version also contains pieces from The Wind Children, which is now out of print.

 "Otherwise is one of the most beautifully written books I've read in a long time, and beyond that, it's one of the most interesting. Poetry books are rarely page turners. This one definitely is. I couldn't put it down. You know, some people can write. Some writers are craftspeople of the written word. Some take it to another level and become spiritual masters of the craft of writing. Sarah Elwell is such a person." - Susan Chambers

147 pages.

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Reader reviews of Sarah's writing

"absolutely stunning, heartwarming"

"Sarah Elwell's writing is achingly beautiful and unsettlingly probing."


"incredibly beautiful & moving"

"your writing always leaves me speechless ... breathless ... these are amazing."

"wow, it's more powerful than a whole YA fiction book"

"simply gorgeous"

"heartfelt and beautiful."

"after reading Driftways I'm left with a feeling that defies explanation (in a good way, lol). It's soulful. I once compared it to the feeling I get after a heartfelt listening of U2's Joshua Tree. That feeling. :)"

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