how to create a like button for your blogger posts

Today is Samhain, new year, here at the ends of the earth. I wanted to celebrate it but the truth is I feel every day is a new beginning, every hour, every inward breath - we have the choice always to change, to let dead leaves fall and renew ourselves with hope.

I have spent the past several days working on the cover of my upcoming book. Who would have thought one picture would be so difficult to get right? Every now and again I say triumphantly, this is it! - only to wake the next day with severe doubts and try again. It is hard for me to settle on one thing as being definitive, permanent, when I live so deep in the wild of the world. And yet, if there's one thing the old holy days like Samhain remind us - change may be constant, but under it all we do have definitive, we have the one story; it is the hand, the heart, which holds ours as we walk this unpredictable road.

So anyway, I have been asked how to create a like (or nodding quietly) button beside the comments option for blogger posts. It's very simple.

1. Go to Layout.

2. Click on edit on the Blog Post square.

3. There is an option for "reactions". Delete the word reactions and write your own choice there; mine is "nodding quietly" but you may have simply "like" or whatever you want for yourself. In the box next to it, add a loveheart or whatever word or symbol you like. I copy-pasted my loveheart from the character map on my computer's desktop.

4. Remove the other provided words so the boxes are empty (they should disappear altogether).

4. Make sure you have a tick in the selection box beside this option.

5. Click save.


  1. Happy Samhain...!

    Mmmmmm, know I am techy-challenged, as they say. But... What is the "wonder" of having a Like Button? To me, the best way of showing appreciation of a blog, is to take the time to leave a comment on it. So I don't understand "liking."

    Please and thank you.

    Gentle hugs,

    1. I created the nodding quietly button for introverts, shy people, people reading on mobiles, mothers nursing their babies while they read, people who find themself wordless in the face of my beautiful wisdom (haha), and people who don't have time to go through the rigmarole of blogger's comments process.


    2. I'm nodding quietly at your explanation. :)

    3. You laugh, Sarah, but so often I'm "nodding quietly" because I do find myself wordless in the face of your beautiful words and wisdom. :)

  2. oh my gosh…so easy and wonderful. you are a dear for sharing this!!!…xo

  3. so easy and wonderful, but it doesn't work on my blogger. :( (my blogger has lots of issues and things that don't work.) but i love yours!!!