beauty in the brown world

I am writing to you from a calm, gleaming Sunday morning. Outside, a tui chimes the moments of its present experience. My curtains, luminous with sun, are dancing just a little, a very little. Today is one of the warm ones. Yesterday was cold. Tomorrow may be also. But this early winter is uncertain and still dreams up a sun.

Thanks to the kindness of those who have donated in exchange for my book, we are now prepared for the cold days, the sudden wet days, which is marvellous because winter is the best, but toughest, training season for my daughter's sport.

We're so grateful! We have only a third to go towards our goal. I'm thinking I should keep on with advertising but I've had to push and cajole myself through what I've already done. The best tool is to have genuine reviews from those who read and enjoyed the book, for example at Goodreads. I am wondering too if I should read aloud an excerpt - would you like to hear a New Zealand accent?

But enough about me. More than enough. Let me share some beautiful, thought-provoking offerings available on the internet ...

The browning of the world, by Christy Rodgers, is a powerfully honest piece which provides a new lens on climate change and the possible demise of our civilisation. It made me sorrowful and hopeful all at the same time.

And to illustrate Christy's article, I can think of no better photography site than Bangkok Projects. You will find your heart sinking, and lifting, and always wondering at the beauty found in even the rawest places of this world.

For some wondrous, soulful art, visit Moonlight and Hares. I am certain you won't come away untouched by its magic. And while you are looking, you may want to listen to Lauren Hoffman, a singer I only recently discovered but quickly came to love.

Then you could visit The Hermitage, a place I have loved to go for almost a decade now, and where you will find such art, oh! and such wild stories, you will feel yourself transported further than a mere internet page.

And if you are on twitter, you may like your feed to glint now and then with the lovely little poems of Suzy.

Whatever you are reading, where ever you are going this weekend, I wish you contentment and joy.


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  2. Many thanks for the amazing essay I really gained a lot of info. That I was searching for

  3. I'm so glad, you're very welcome. And thank you for the kind, generous, and high quality comment.

    1. :-)

      You made me giggle this morning!