inhaling, exhaling, as the sun turns around

Where does the time go?

It goes into your soul like layers of light and shadow, song and late-night murmuring. It never leaves; it sinks in. And so you are weighted, and so you are winged.

Breathe it all in. Love it all out.

And know that time is not minutes or hours. It is you.

And now a tedious business notice. Thanks to everyone who kindly donated to our sports fund in exchange for a copy of Driftways (or Otherwise or The Memory of Light.) We met our initial goal - hooray! - but are hoping to raise a little more for competition expenses. So if you know of anyone who might like the story book, or the poetry, I would sure be grateful if you'd share the word. This is what some people have so far been kind enough to say about Driftways ....

"As soon as I finished one story, I wanted to immediately begin reading another. I defy you to pick a favorite--these stories will haunt you long after you've read them. 'Beautiful' seems too common a word to describe the experience she has created." (five stars) - Susan

"I love this book." (five stars) - Kailani

"Driftways is filled with stories that smell of earth and spark like magic." - Stephen

"Spellbinding." - Nissa

"Heartfelt and beautiful." - D.

"After reading it I'm left with a feeling that defies explanation (in a good way, lol). It's soulful. I once compared it to the feeling I get after a heartfelt listening of U2's Joshua Tree. That feeling. :)" - Amy.

You can obtain any of my books here, or read an excerpt from Driftways here.

And because self-promotion always leaves me feeling jittery and gauche, allow me to now create some balance ....

The Gabois family are raising funds to adopt two children from Bulgaria. You can help them achieve their miracle.

Scott Peterson has a post-apocalyptic series of ebooks, with exciting things to come.

Stephen Parolini has a novella which has been getting great reviews.

Denise Andrade-Kroon and Hilary Rain have a beautiful ebook now available, Soulsigh: A Sacred Blessingway.

Have you seen Amy's new site, The Highly Senstive Homeschooler.

Lunar Hine has some enchanting artwork for sale.

Ellie is a homeschooler with a disability, doing an amazing job with her children despite several hardships. If you would like to gift to her to help her family, you can do so here.

Do you have a project or book you would like to tell us about? 

(ps, the breathe quote is not mine. I forgot to mention that! I searched extensively and could not find the original source for it, but it is widely used.)


  1. "Breathe it all in. Love it all out." - i really like how you put that.

  2. "And so you are weighted, and so you are winged."
    Sarah, it's uncanny. I was trying to describe a similar feeling in a blog post I wrote last night. Perhaps we were writing at the same time. :)