The sky is white with rain, the earth is black with it, and inbetween my heart breathes deep. This day feels full, as it should : voluptuous in the storm.

I don't like taut summer days when even the heavens seem to crack with leeching heat. Give me a dark mountain hunkering down in the fog. Give me a forest alight with rain. That is where my favourite stories take seed. The old and earthy stories of mother-magic and stick-wizardry. Folk stories, drenched with wild memory.

If you've been clicking over from your feed reader lately, you might have noticed my changing header. That's because I am in an earth-heart, wood-smoke mood, but I know most people in the world are sunlight and song. Pleasing me, pleasing you - it's a swaying back and forth forever in the space between us. I've met a few people who say they like winter, but even then only to a certain degree.

Most of you are happily in the middle of summer. Perhaps it is hard for you to imagine the soaked wind rustling through shadowed rooftops here right now. Perhaps too winter is snow for you, not a darkening of the land, not a rich and fecund season which throws sea foam and mud and leaf debris and dreams through cold afternoons that curl thickly, hearthsmoke-dense and forest-whispering, into wild nights. Perhaps you can't imagine how, even in the mountains, we can sense the windswept sea.

I myself can't imagine endless plains warped and hallucinogenic with heat.

Weather is the breath of my geography, and it sings an old, dark song.


  1. it's perfect. i see you in that weather. and i am grateful you write it. a bit of magic for my summer days.

  2. Such beautiful writing...I find it so passionate and inspiring. Summer is not my favourite season, I prefer slightly cooler temperatures, but I will take spring and autumn for sure. Winter can be so beautiful too, I especially like a heavy frost when everything looks sugar-coated.

  3. I am in the middle of an English summer. It is dark, wet, cold and windy. But damn is the garden growing!

  4. Thank you all for your comments :-)