the diminishing of winter

Already in our winter the days are lengthening. Where a week ago the rim of the sky would be dark as I write this, now it is blushed with a soft peach-pink. I am sad. I wait so long for winter but it doesn't last any more. A few weeks of storms, of cold, and then the brightness begins all over again. The poetry of the world is stretching out into a monotone - luminous, lovely, but lacking an essential depth.

I wonder too what happens to the body and the psyche of Nature when it does not get enough of the replenishing winter sleep it needs.


  1. Ah, I was just thinking some similar thoughts - only I am noticing a change already towards Winter. I, too, love the dark, the cloudy days and the rain. I think that I welcome Fall/Winter because I cannot stand the relentless brightness. I sometimes wonder if this is normal :)

    I don't worry about the adaptability of nature. I actually think that nature is the one in control and the weather patterns reflect her needs and desires.

  2. And over here I'm enjoying the lack of darkness... Our winters are very long with short short days!

  3. I wait for the grey, quiet of winter too. Ours didn't really appear this I wait again. My creativity seems to flow in the night hours, so I understand your return to the night to write. Though as I age my eyes struggle to focus and I need the natural light of day to paint...but alas, I still paint in the dark of night!

  4. I think Nature comes in waves like the ocean to the shore. One winter may be warmer and drier while the next might be much colder and wetter. I've stopped trying to second guess Mother Nature or direct her in any way. I just enjoy whatever she cares to share with us. I do like the quiet and dark or winter, though. :-)

    1. I wish I could believe this, but sadly I don't. I believe the growing differences in seasonal weather are not the regular sway of nature. The evidence for climate change is all too apparent right infront of my eyes.